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John, a recent college graduate, has been struggeling to find a job for the last 6 months. He was fired from the job he had originally acquired immediately after college due to his inappropriate and negative interactions with his other coworkers. His interviews have also been unsuccessful as he has been exhibiting strange social behavior. John has had many changes in the last six months of his life from graduating college to losing his job. Since graduation he has been exhibiting behavior issues as well as inappropriate and negative actions to other individuals, these actions cost him the job he had acquired after college. John also seems to be having issues adjusting to adulthood and is showing signs of level 5 mental disorder. With this behavior, John is in need of being referred to a program that can assist him in dealing with these issues. The program will help him learn how to act and react properly in situations as well as learning how to work with his stress levels. Paula has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Her husband has noticed she is having a hard time remembering where she put things and tends to forget what she was just planning on doing. Paula and her husbands relationship has also been strained as they are both overwhelmed with having an infant in the house. Paula has just had a baby there are many different kinds of stress that go along with a new child. Paula is experiencing level 1-2 mental stress at this time this could be done with all the changes in her family as well as changes in her hormone levels. The level 1-2 level of mental stress thinking and reacting are harder than normal. The relationship has become strained in this level of mental stress. In this level, the ability to change or adapt to situations will take more time as well as more thought. Paula is having issues adapting to this change will take time for the couple. It is advisable for Paula to reach out for support or resources before these problems become more serious than they are at this time. Nancy, a formerly successful realtor, has recently quit her job and remains unemployed.

She has been feeling down in the dumps and has not been looking for other employment. Nancy also has stopped hanging out with her friends and doing activities she normally enjoys. Nancy seems to be suffering from depression at a level 3-4 mental distress. The distress interferes with her normal life activities. The mental distress seems to lasts longer than the mental stress that occurred prior to the what caused the distress in the first place. The disorder, as well as the symptoms, may be more intense as time goes on, be harder to ignore, and last longer than the symptoms of mental stress. The mental distress has taken its toll on Nancy over time as she has stopped doing activities she normally enjoys to do. For Nancy’s best interest to seek the assistance that is necessary to help deal with this mental distress before the mental disorder gets worse than it already is in her life.

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