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Recruitment and selection of candidates is one of the final stages in opening a new location. Clapton Commercial Construction will be a new company in Arizona and since it is looking at increasing their current staff; Clapton will have to define their strategic goals, specify their workforce need and define a candidate selection method. In the next few paragraphs we will provide Clapton with some recommendations for their hiring process. Organizational Goals

First and foremost, organizational goals are a very important piece in structuring the recruitment and selection process. Clapton has already defined their increment of personnel to about a 20% increase. Having goals established helps with envisioning the size of the management team needed to construe and reach the desired goal. Since the organization is based on construction labor, we need to look at different laws that apply to the state of Arizona such as the Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): “The FLSA establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards affecting employees in the private sector and in Federal, State, and local governments” (Wage and Hour Division). Another important law to consider is OSHA regulations, especially since there will be an enormous amount of manual labor involved. “OSHA’s mission is to assure safe and healthful workplaces by setting and enforcing standards, and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance” (OSHA Law and Regulation). Forecasted Demographic Changes

Forecasting changes to the demographic area is imperative as these will lead the company in the right direction. It will also allow to prepare for near future changes, for example getting familiarized with the area and knowing of any new construction developments, this will allow to place bidding solicitations for desired projects which in turn will also provide an idea of the amount of workforce needed for such project. Although the company has envisioned to increase their personnel; factors such as project size and funding for such will give the company a leeway to plan and strategize their workforce to maintain revenue at a healthy rate as well as maintaining pay rates comparable to those companies that are already established in the area. Workforce Diversity Objectives

Workforce diversity is an important factor to consider. Since Arizona is a border state with the southern country of Mexico, the workforce may be expected to comprise of Hispanics. According to the Percentage of Population Employed in Construction in Arizona by City, roughly an 11% of the state’s population is employed in construction jobs, however the simple factor that the company will be relocating from Michigan, means that diversity is already experienced. It is important to have the management team understand the new culture and also to also understand that many employees will be reluctant of the company culture simply because it’s new to the area. Overall, diversity will help both the employee and the company expand their knowledge and create a new company culture with mutual respect. One of the strengths of having a diverse workforce is the diversity of bright ideas that may arise from the different backgrounds, skills and expertise. Organizational Branding

Branding has a very important role in a business as it defines the experience customers have with the company. Branding not only consists of having a label but a recognizable positive message. It is also important to maintain and fulfill the message you are trying to express. For example, Clapton Construction brand could be to be distinguished by the successful building of sky scrapers in Michigan, then that same idea can be portrayed in Arizona. Clapton’s communication need to be consistent and will also require that marketing campaigns have the same intent. Methods for Recruiting Candidates

Recruiting methods vary by the type of company and positions to fill. With the new era of technology, many jobs are listed in job search websites, these would be one of the fastest and easiest methods to recruit and attract individuals. However, there still exist the traditional based that opt to actually visit the job site and apply within. Other methods to include are newspapers, radio ads, billboards and the actual company website. Most of these methods are known to be successful as long as they provide the required and desired information, therefore, any of the above is recommended. Methods for Screening Candidates

The screening of candidates is one task to be done by experienced management as they would know the skills and expertise that are required for each defined job. It is important to have a process in place for screening candidates; therefore after carefully screening applications for qualified candidates, the recommendation is as follows: Interview: Set aside half hour increments to conduct interviews, and have a set of specific job related questions for candidates to answer. Testing procedures: Have availability to conduct appropriate testing such as handling heavy machinery or if there is a drug screen testing required, then refer candidates to appropriate facility.

Interview process considerations: Maintain focus on job related questions, avoid any discrimination remarks, avoid making promises you cannot keep such as offering compensation packages and assure to follow all state labor regulations. Methods for selecting candidates: Consider experience, skills and recommendations. Most candidates will have a background in construction labor however, as an employer you would want to hire the most qualified and experience. Therefore take careful consideration of specific skills you are looking for when interviewing candidates. Conclusion

Overall, the recruitment and selection strategies mentioned above will help Clapton to conduct profitable interviews and allow selecting qualified candidates. At the same time it will allow the company to save on costs perhaps by not duplicating jobs, while assuring plenty workers are in place to perform all necessary job duties and responsibilities.


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