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Recruitment and training in Theatro Technics Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Recruitment and training in Theatro Technics takes lace in different ways, depending on the job position. Theatro Technics are keen to employ new staff and have different ways of applying for jobs.

In the theatre, staff can take home publicity with information on a job position at Theatro Technics and then arrange a meeting with a member of staff, the theatre director. They can also apply online using the internet, the Theatro Technics website, under internships, the web address is http://home.btconnect.com/theatrotechnics/framset/Volunteering-Internships.html

(Theatro Technics logo and an advertisement

For people to join the company.)

An example of a recruitment and selection flowchart is:




Training varies depending on the job role. Ushers and bartenders undergo one weeks training followed by a probation period of 6-10 weeks, after which the employee can request more training towards promotion to the position of manager of that field.

To become a personal assistant (P.A), you have to spend four days training, with each managerial position, like the Bar manager and the Technical manager. The training includes the standard telephone training and also training in company procedure. After the training, the new P.A is put on a probation period and is assigned to one team in particular. (Who ever he/she works better with). They can also apply to change teams.

For managerial jobs, the training is a lot different. The Theatro Technics Trainee management scheme offers young professional people a way to get “fast-tracked” to a managerial position in the business. The trainee management scheme is split up into different sections. There is a section called level 1, in which the application process is “quite hard”, this involves an application, a test and practical assessment. Once you get past the application part the trainee plans events for the managerial position they want and get experience, as well as going on a long course to get experience.


The recruitment and training of Theatro Technics employees are conducted by the human resources department functional area. The variety of applying and training comes from the type of job you apply for, but the principle is the same with training course and practical exercises gaining experience.

With regard to the P.A (personal assistant) job the general information given to the staff is if you’re interested in the job then yo

u have to talk to a member of staff. The training of these staff

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members is minimal; the general idea is that they get the necessary skills from the existing staff.

They seem to be aimed at people with low levels of skills, many of which are looking for temporary work.

The Theatro Technics trainee management scheme is very different. There is an applicants quiz designed to help the user find their skill set, and how they could fit into Theatro Technics. This attracts a younger audience looking for future employment, who can be targeted for a Theatro Technics career and keep the theatre fresh.

The training scheme also seems to be designed for a university or college student as well because the times are flexible. The training is flexible and after the first day of training the trainee will enrol on courses and not work in the theatre. This is so the employee can gain more experience during the trainee period and is not full time.

There are also work experience opportunities with student placements. This is also flexible as you can come in and work anytime you want within the given hours (9am-7pm).

By contrast the Personal Assistant just gets the job. The Personal assistant goes through basic training for a week and then essentially becomes a full employee during the probation period. This is so the employee can get straight to work, as they no doubt want and gain wages , while the company doesn’t want to waste money on expensive training for someone who might be there for only a few months.


Recruitment and training I would argue is quite successful in Theatro Technics, and while it has weaknesses and room for improvement, over all it offers quite a good recruitment policy.

The current employee recruitment and training certainly has a lot of strengths. It is very easy to find out about and positions can be applied for in various ways, such as an online application.

The basic jobs like ushering and bartending applying is very simple and straight forward, most of their training is based on experience, which seems a very ideal and practical way to learn.

For management, it’s more highly reflected for the long term and serious employees that want a future with Theatro Technics. The training seems to be about other studies and management technique, such as, hiring staff and making executive decisions, which you have to learn. Although I don’t know anybody who has applied for the job, nor have I applied, it seems very efficient. Speaking to the basic workers like the ushers they found the process straightforward and had got their jobs through the telephone recruitment lines, asking other employees and through the online web site. So the different methods of recruitment have all been used.

But there are weaknesses. There seems to be very little transfer from the basic jobs to management, which is a shame. As I’m sure that with some training and opportunities and incorporated with their basic job skills they would become ideal managers. The lack of transfer seems biased and ignores talented workers by continuously giving them basic tasks.

I also think that more training should be encouraged and available for all, rather than applying for additional training which encourages training but only for promotional purposes. It could be improved by making a compulsory training scheme, which would create a smarter more willing workforce and better the theatre as a whole.

The threats to employment and training come from a big expansion and the hiring of poor quality workers. This means that future employees would get inadequate training from poor quality workers and putt the customers off loosing business. A cut in training costs could have the same effect.

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