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Reducing Violent Crimes in America Essay Sample

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Reducing Violent Crimes in America Essay Sample


            Violent crimes have been in a steep rise, despite efforts of the government to combat it. Summer, in fact, is a high time for casual violent crimes. Poor neighborhoods are the usual hotspots. (Donis, 2007) For many, it is no longer a surprise. In fact, many feel that it is a price to pay for globalization. But for an industrialized country such as the Americas, it is hard to accept that it is the case.

            In a desperate effort to combat violent crimes, many measures have been viewed, proposed, studied, issued, enforced, and failed. New legislators create new ways to keep the peace and order across the country, but elimination of violent crimes is a dream. It is almost impossible to achieve. Yet the hope to control them, to manage them, and to reduce the occurrence is an easy way through the issue.

            There are several ways to reduce violent crimes. There are the conventionals of gun control, firearm education, aiding other social issues such as poverty and unemployment, and aiding psycho-social dilemmas. They have been proven to contribute to the alleviation of the issue, yet in the end it is not the policies that mater, it is the desire to enforce the policies and sustain them.

Of Gun Control

            Many efforts in solving the persistent violent crime problem led to gun control. Many says that where there is a gun there is a threat for violence. Yet Suter, et al. (nd) denied that gun control will do wonders in reducing violent crimes in America. To begin with, only seven percent of all guns used in violent crimes have been purchased from retail gun stores. Thus, a considerably large fraction of guns used in violent crimes come from underground and illegal sources that are impossible for any gun control committee or law to track and monitor.

            Controlling guns may also affect the fraction of the population who are responsible gun owners. Out of the almost 2.5 million gun owners in the country, 400,000 have been saved by their guns and believed that they would have not survived if they did not have their weapon for self defense. With gun controlling measures, it will be difficult for these people who want to protect themselves to do so as easy as they do now, increasing their chances to be victims. (Suter, nd)

            The National Association of Chiefs of Police (NACOP) agree, stating that armed citizens contribute to safer societies. In a survey conducted by NACOP, it has been found that when it was applicable, during times of natural calamity, accident, assault, and other events which require self defense, there was a higher percentage where responsible firearms owners have been saved by their weapons. (Snyder, 1999)

            Yet comprehensive licensing and education will go a long way. Despite of the control given to guns when stricter licensing is enforced, this ensures that guns are monitored and those which are not licensed can be easily tracked, discovered, and confiscated. Education, on the other hand, increases the awareness of the people with the dangers that guns can cause when handled improperly. It will also encourage people to participate in ensuring that only legally acquired guns exist in their neighborhoods, and that these guns will be used properly. (Suter, nd) However, it is a work in progress that will take a long time to be fully functional and achievable.

Firearms education

            Mandatory education on firearms have been proposed by many to be an effective way to create new generations of responsible gun owners. This, the proponents agree, is much more realistic and attainable rather than gun prohibition that even schools admitted to be unable to control for a hundred percent. Programs designed for the youth to be familiar about firearms, their use, and their harms, done on full scale and mandatorily will no doubt make this vision come true. (Snyder, 1999)

Poverty and violence

            It is worthwhile to look at poverty and unemployment as a probable cause of violent crimes. People who are exposed to poor living conditions may be forced to indulge in violent crimes to save their day. Whether a call for desperate attention or to extinguish a basic need, the bottom line is that they contribute to the rising number of violent crimes. In the same way, unemployment can cause the similar stresses that can make a person violent as well, to the point that he commits a crime. (Fagan, 1995)

Media and violence

            Television, radio, reading materials and other media forms have been repeatedly blamed for the increasing violent crime rate in the country. Yet nothing can be farther from the truth. The aim of the media is to inform and entertain, and as children expose themselves to it, parents and carers have collective responsibilities in guiding these children with the things that they watch. Thus, nothing can be blamed to the media; parents and carers may be help accountable. (Thoman, nd)

Easy on Human Rights

            Packard (1998), in his candidacy as United States Representative for District 48, claimed that one thing about the criminal justice system in the country is that it is easy for people to treat it as a joke.  Sentences given to light offenses are too lenient, prison houses are too cozy, and many light offenders can get away with their crimes by paying or doing good inside the prison.

            While it is protected by the constitution that all the rights of human persons, even convicts, should be taken cared of, it should be considered that criminals should be treated with strictness and stiffness. It is the task of the authorities to protect the victims as much as they protect the rights of the criminal.

Starting Early

            Reducing the occurrence of violent crimes require an early start. When children are started early on with their psychological and sociological development, Fagan (1995) asserts, there is less chance that they will resort to violent crimes later in life. Early as infants, children should be secured and nurtured, assured that they are safe and accepted. his environment will teach them that they belong, and that they need not do anything superficial to be accepted.

            During the middle childhood stage, children starts to learn to cooperate and work with others. It meets with the need to belong that they start to develop as early adults. During this stage, they need to feel secure and accepted, and they need people to answer the questions that they have properly so that they do not solicit answers from the wrong people. (Fagan, 1995)

            Lastly, during the later stage in life of creating his or her own family, I is important for a person to experience being accepted, and to be able to manager rejection properly. When this has been founded early through childhood, it is easy to keep the person in track away from violence. Otherwise, a nurturing environment should be continued. (Fagan, 1995)

Protecting relationships: the connection

            The alarming increase in the breakdown of American families have been continuously connected to many other social issues. Violent crimes is one of them. Studies aside, the connection is clear in foresight. Where there is a broken family, there is a probability of a disturbed individual, whether a parent or child. With the children prone to poverty and lack of guidance, and the adults prone to more stress—both physical and emotional—the tendency to resort in violent crimes is high. (Fagan, 1995)

            Fagan (1995) lets the number speaks. Ten percent of children on broken homes contribute to 17% or those who commit violent crimes later in their lives. Many of these Children are products of homes deserted or abandoned by fathers. Interestingly, the rate of increase of abandoned families correlate with the rate of increase in violent crimes. With children neglected, they also find it hard to relate with the other kids. Thus, they may choose to go with older or nastier groups who can lead them astray.

            Fatherly abandonment is not the sole culprit. The absence of motherly love can also be blamed. Even if mothers are present, if they do not have an emotional connection with their children, the children are more likely to be violent criminals later on. As well, if the parents choose to be together but continue to fight and to accrue violence to each other, this exposure to violence gives the children an idea that violence is all right and acceptable—as the parents who are supposed to be role models, are also doing it.

Success Story

            Yet as long as there is life, so to speak, there is hope. Providence has been breaking new grounds in reducing the impossible-to-eliminate violent crime incidences in their area, recording an incredible 11 occurrences in 2006. It is its fewest since 1971, an all-time drop of up to 30 percent. To note, Providence is a poor neighborhood compared to others. (Donnis, 2007)

            How did Providence do it? Simple. Creativity. Doing away fro the stereotypical means of preventing violent crimes, as other do it, Providence resorted to the unconventional, hiring therapists to assist children who have had exposures to crimes and community street workers that guard against crimes from happening. Most of all, the authorities remain realistic. They admit that keeping things up is a day-to-day work, and that a single lapse in security can topple down the situation. Yet they are optimistic. (Donnis, 2007)

            Indeed. a nurturing community completes the crime reduction picture. If a community fails to manage children who are left out and excluded, as well as children who are performing poorly in their endeavors, there is a higher probability for gangs to be formed. These gangs later resort to violent crimes, causing the collapse in the neighborhoodś peace and order. (Fagan, 1995)

Governmental action

            The government can only do so much, but there are things that they can focus on to propel protection of communities against senseless violent crimes. Unrooting real causes of criminality is a good start. So is a comprehensive review of social programs. Magnifying the crimes rampant in a specific area will also help the authorities focus on ways to create and maintain problem-specific solutions to issues. More studies on the social issue of violent criminality and surrounding factors is also good. (Fagan, 1995)

            Studying and revamping the welfare system is another good option. Support more than financial help will do better for the community as it produces productive citizens rather than people who will continue to be under welfare care for long. The government should also promote the fight against violent criminality. It need not give the fund, it needs to create a network and sustainability for the project.


            There are always more ways to do something. In the topic of reducing violent crimes, there is definitely a wide array of ways to do the trick. There is a focus for social issues, focus on education, focus on the individual person, families, and community, and there is accountability given to the government. All of these means have proven fruitful, yet nothing alone was able to significantly reduce the occurrence of violent crimes.

            The reason behind the insignificant effects were not with the methods but with enforcement. All of these methods done in complementarity with each other will do wonders, yet over all it is the desire of those entasked for enforcement to enfore them and sustain them. Comprehensive monitoring should be regularly done, and a never-ending study by a dedicated team will not hurt at all. This way, a total solution is directed to the issue, increasing the chance of occurrence reduction.

            It is impossible to completely eliminate violent crimes. There will always be deviants who will subscribe to violence and disorder. Thus, it is important to accept that keeping peace and order is a daily job. Keeping track of the progress but as well as the lapses will highlight the good and bad points of the program. With these highlights, improvements can be instituted and crimes, which is impossible to do without in what is a normal world, will at least be eased at a reasonable level.


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