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You should read through the Notes to Students carefully and make good use of the materials provided in the package.

1. Why are you required to complete the Notional Learning Package (NLP)? The Notional Learning Package aims to facilitate your independent language learning through various tasks and writing reflections on what you have learnt when completing the tasks.

2. What is in this NLP?
• Language Quiz (focuses on the important grammatical and vocabulary items related to the module’s learning outcomes) • Net Languages – Being Green (upper intermediate level) • Reflection record on reading articles, language activities / glossary and CV & Cover Letter writing • CV & Cover Letter (please upload the polished version on Moodle) Instructions on what should be done for each of the tasks are listed in the Moodle platform.

3. Advice from your teacher
You should
• take responsibility for your own learning by planning your work well in advance. Poor time management will lead to low quality or incomplete work; • engage in the learning activities provided in this NLP by completing all tasks which suit your language needs and abilities; • show your effort in language learning by reflecting on the completed tasks; • submit the NLP according to the schedule assigned;

• NEVER copy from any sources or other students when completing your tasks.

4. How will you be assessed?
• Weighting of the NLP components – 20% of the total module mark

|Component |Weighting | |Language Quiz |5% | |Net Languages |5% | |Reflection Record |10% | |Total |20% |

• You are assessed through the completion of tasks provided in this NLP against the standardized criteria. • You are evaluated on your efforts and quality of work as well as your ability to reflect on your own learning.

|You are strongly advised to complete and submit your work well before the deadline as the system may become overloaded close| |to the deadline. Late submission due to system overload will normally not be accepted.

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