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Think about the qualities of Coping as you consider these questions:

* Which of these qualities are most prevalent for you?
Safety, Security, and Comfort and Image are the most prevalent coping patterns for me.

* What is going on in those times?
At times I find myself trying to please everyone in my workgroup, caring too much about what they think of me. Also, sometimes when faced with a difficult decision I fall back to the “conventional”, safe, action rather than being open to trying something new/different.

* How do you feel?
When I find myself Coping I feel like I’m taking the easy way out.

* What fears, limitations, or inadequacies do you avoid when you are in a Coping patter? Fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, and fear of putting myself out there by trying something outside of the norm.

* How can you challenge yourself to move out of Coping and into Character more often? I need to continually remind myself to have confidence in myself and my decision making abilities. Rather than sticking with traditional practices I need to implement ideas that I truly believe in, even if they are unpopular, unconventional or controversial.

Now, reflect on the qualities of Character, and consider these questions:

* Which of these qualities are more prevalent for you?
Inclusion and Win-Win are the Character qualities that are more prevalent for me.

* What is going on in those times?
I want to make sure I include everyone so not to make them feel left out.
Along the same lines, I always try to come up with a compromise so that one side doesn’t feel like they lost.

* How do you feel?
I feel energized at those times.

* What fears do you have to face to lead from Character?
Fear of failure. There is a lot of courage and trust involved in opening up and putting myself out there, hoping I don’t end up getting burned.

* How can you continue to lead from Character in more situations in the future? I have more work to do than can be accomplished in a 40 hour work week, but I just have to remind myself to not take the easy way out of certain situations and not use lack of time as an excuse. It’s about being unselfish and doing things the right way for the overall good of the organization, and I just have to keep that in mind.

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