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“The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism” – Oxford Dictionary
‘Death and Grief’ was the title of my group’s presentation. We chose this topic as we felt it focused on a major part in a Nurses Role as well as ICP (Integrated Care of the Dying Pathways). There are three learning outcomes that we needed to fulfil: introducing the professional role of a Nurse, introduction of communication skills and working in a diverse society. These linked extremely well with our topic and which all groups were required to meet. Throughout my reflective essay I will be discussing how I prepared and planned for the presentation using my research, my view on how I felt about my progress and whether or not I agreed with the feedback I received. It is important to reflect because it enables individuals to re-evaluate an event and learn from it (Evans and Tippins, 2008). My research was carried out by reading and understanding the NHS booklet which is used specifically for a death of a patient also simply by using the internet for some background information about death and how different cultures grieve upon this situation.

In the group we all had a role to explain several aspects of the topic, in my case I explained ‘How we as individuals deal with death of a loved one’ this shows good effective teamwork because everyone benefitted from each other’s strengths and weaknesses (Belbin, 1970) During my plan I decided to question individuals to share their experiences on how they dealt with losing someone special in their life, I managed to receive many different results from drinking excessive alcohol to self blame. In addition to that I chose to share a personal experience I had when my granddad had passed away, to connect with the audience. I was aware some people may have been more vulnerable than others therefore making it slightly difficult with how I portrayed the topic. Throughout my presentation I managed to learn a bit about myself and my group. Due to this being our first presentation I was nervous, this was shown by fidgeting and using fillers but managed to overcome my fear gradually with the encouragement of my fellow classmates, giving quite an enthusiastic presentation about death, which was reflected back in my feedback.

In a Nurses role it is important to be professional during pressure as patients always rely on the Nurse for encouragement and reassurance on their health and progress (NMC Code, 2008). From my experience I am going to continue to improve on my confidence throughout further presentations. Looking back at my feedback I received I did not disagree with the comments for the reason that presentations have always been a weakness of mine which I have tried to avoid from a young age. I do plan to improve my confidence along with my preparation to achieve high standards of work. By the end of the presentation I felt I did achieve slightly more confidence in myself and learnt preparation was extremely crucial no matter what the situation.

It had also been stressed that the group did not show connection with each other during the presentation, effective communication is vital and necessary in a Nurses role as this develops interpersonal relationships in the working environment (Bach and Grant, 2009). However I disagree because I feel this was due to nerves and time pressure. Reflecting back overall, I was proud of what I had achieved however disappointed of what I had not achieved such as, time management, also only presenting one slide. I do feel as though I could have improved the way it had been presented as a group, the quantity of slides could have been equally shared within the group also more preparation could have taken place. However overall I found my experience pleasant and enjoyed working with my group and intend to continue improving with my presentation skills.


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