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I feel that my subordinates view me as someone who has a strong moral compass. I stand up for what is right no matter the cost and try to correct situations within my control. There have been many times where I have been faced with a decision and had to ask myself, “If my parents were here would they approve of my decision?” If I can’t say that they would approve, I look towards other options. I believe that my supervisor would say that my followership abilities are “on point”. If I’m given an order I make sure that it’s followed through. I don’t think he’s really concerned with how it gets done. There’s a problem with this because he has the same flaws with followership that I see in myself. I guess I’ve never analyzed it before I arrived at NCOA because it’s the same thing wherever I go. Someone will say that we have to do something and you will hear most people complain about it. They don’t really seem to try and understand why we have to do it. I would have to say that I have a democratic leadership style. I draw on people’s knowledge and skills, and create groups commitment to the resulting goals but, I also see myself as a visionary of sorts. If I see a process or product that is flawed, I seek to find a way to improve it.

That’s when I look to the individuals I work with and assign them tasks I believe they might be most suited for. I find that this technique works because they are given a task they are already good at. If you asked me what kind of NCO I was a week ago, I would tell you that I was a great NCO but, I’ve come to realize that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve learned so much about the qualities a NCO must possess to be a good NCO. Now I realize I have a long way to improve myself before I can say that again. I realize that it’s not something I can change overnight but I’m sure by the end of this course I can comfortably make the previous statement. My supervisor would describe me as a good NCO. He would probably say I’m driven. He would say that I’m respectful towards others.

He might even say that I get along with others and enjoy their company. I feel that he knows that if he gives me a job, I will get it done to the best of my abilities. I also take it upon myself to look for future opportunities to improve myself. I would say that my essence and strengths go hand in hand but, biggest strength is my ability to be resourceful when the challenge arises. We all feel the financial strain that the military is effected by on a regular basis. If there is something I can fix at work instead of just replacing it then that has saved the squadron a little money. I often rely on my social networking abilities to get things done. I find that if you treat people with respect they will remember you better and be more willing to help you in the future.

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