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Computerized Inventory Management System
According to Thomas M. McHugh (2011) computerized inventory management systems provide many benefits that are hard to obtain using paper methods or an in-house spreadsheet. Systems that are specific to the lab can be used relatively quickly without a significant learning curve or system customization. The ability to analyze the inventory, item usage, purchasing history, and other areas (e.g., lot numbers, equipment) are important improvements to spreadsheets and paper systems. If the system includes equipment tracking, it can be used to determine the capital asset as well as track the service history and lifespan of equipment.

The ability to streamline and automate many of the inventory control tasks will be increasingly important to reduce hands-on time while improving the analysis of trends, reducing stock-outs, and avoiding expiring reagents. The ability to ensure that the right reagent in the right quantity is present at the right time is critical to laboratory operations. Given that reagents are approximately one-half of most labs’ operating budgets, a continued focus on this expense will assist the laboratory in continuing to provide accurate and timely laboratory testing at the lowest cost.

Log in Security System
According to Dan Brian (2011) a lot of the websites we visit nowadays are testing and requiring that we create so-called “strong” passwords. Unfortunately, it is not a practice that every site accommodates, whether because it has not update, edits code to meet these most recent standards, or simply because it lacks the resources to do so. It is then up to the user to create its own personal “Security Best Practices” as to facilitate the management of these identities, starting with the creation of easy-to-remember, yet strong enough passwords. It is paramount, then, to consider not only making all our passwords strong, but to also consider not using the exact same one for all our websites, as then losing one to a phishing or malware attack (where we are led to give up our credentials based on fake, yet realistic looking websites) will make it easier for the attackers to continue on to additional sites where we are using the exact same credentials.

Biometric System
According to Kathleen Erickson (2014) a Vice President of Business Development, when a medical clinic based in Papua New Guinea was tasked with the challenge of accurately identifying repeat patients, biometrics turned out to be the ideal solution. In a culture where name changes are frequent and people often have no form of ID, the clinic found biometrics could provide a reliable form of identification for its patients. Fulcrum Biometrics worked with the New Tribes Mission Medical Clinic to create a customized application that enables the clinic to accurately identify people who come for services and ensure that their medical records are properly documented and updated. The system, based on Fulcrum’s FbF Demographic application, uses fingerprints for identification and facial recognition for additional confirmation.

Local Related Studies
Low Inventory Alerts and Stock Position Notifications
According to Shipwire, inventory alerts automatically notify you when inventory levels fall below thresholds you set. Alerts can be triggered based on a minimum quantity in stock, or when your position falls below an estimated number of days on hand. Use inventory alerts to give you advance notice on when you should resupply your stock.

Foreign Related Studies
Computerized Inventory Management System are somehow related to our system since, CHMSC Clinic Inventory System as it aims to accommodate records from all over the school campus and be able to keep and update medical records by the new innovative use of this system in a more proficient and professional way, and is used to maintain, gather and track inventory from the moment it reaches a retail setup of predefined stock level of supplies. Automation has increased the efficiency and accuracy of inventory management, allowing the school clinic to get information about a particular number of supply and medicines, whether it is time to reorder at the very moment the item reaches a predefined stock level. And enable to develop system to recognize the needs of the school records that will eliminate numbers of paper works to handle with.

As CHMSC Clinic Inventory System Log in for systems security like our system, passwords and other required username is needed to access the system. However, there are some things that cannot be avoided in choosing passwords especially that it is easy to remember or simply attached to you birthdays and other personal information, so we decided to empower are system with biometrics. Biometric Systems has been useful that it reduces the chances that patient records can be viewed by the wrong person by preventing the sharing of authentication credentials. Biometrics also creates operational efficiencies for all ID procedures, it provides improvements to risk management programs by ensuring that accurate patient identification is tied into care or treatment plans or matched to medical records management systems for each individual patient. And lastly, the overall quality of care is improved through accurate patient and/or staff identification.

Local Related Studies
Since we are entering details of the patients electronically in the data will be secured. Using this application we can retrieve patient’s history with a single click. Thus processing information will be faster. It guarantees accurate maintenance of patient details. It easily reduces the book keeping task and thus reduces the human effort and increases accuracy speed.This system is developed as a demand-driven supply forecasting/purchasing based on real-time with accurate information.

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