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After reading the article “Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages”, I believe that I can somewhat relate to it. Based on what I got from the article it says that self-disclosure is very important in a happy marriage or relationship. Being able to share your deepest feelings and desires, I believe, helps to avoid assumptions and misunderstandings.

“Research consistently has shown a link between happy marriages and “self-disclosure”, or sharing your private feelings, fears, doubts and perceptions with your partner”. (Schoenberg, 2011, para. 10). This is something that I think I practice in my relationship. I share everything with my fiancé, especially my feelings and fears. He knows almost everything about me and I him. I do believe that we are both satisfied and happy in our relationship. It is important to share these disclosures with your partner because then there won’t be so many assumptions and or misunderstandings.

I think that I can somewhat relate to this article. I am not currently married but will be happening in the near future. My boyfriend and I are very supportive of each other; the article says that this love and support is also connected to happy relationships. (Schoenberg, 2011). I liked reading about Orbuch’s 10- minute rule and am going to start applying this every day to my relationship. There is a lot of good advice in this article about helping or keeping a relationship happy. I am happy to be learning about these before I actually get married!

When it comes to gender differences I have noticed a lot of similarities rather than differences. It is said that one of the gender roles as a male would be that they are discouraged from crying whereas women are allowed to show emotion more openly. (Sole, 2011). Just because women are more prone to show their emotions publicly, doesn’t mean that men don’t do the same, they just only do it with the people they are close to. I think this class has helped me in my relationship communication skills because I realize that I used to assume a lot of things which in turn led to some misunderstandings between us. Learning the aspects of interpersonal communication will help me from now on in not only my personal relationship but with family, friends and co-workers as well.


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