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1.2 Summarise key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice within a specific context.

Within my role as Maths Tutor at a school for young adults with complex needs there is a great deal of legislation which need to be considered.

Perhaps the first of these is the relevant Health and Safety legislation, through the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA) since avoiding accidents and injuries is paramount. Pupils/students obviously should be considered but one should also take care for the health and safety of all visitors to the site. These include parents/carers, contractors and other professionals such as social workers, administration staff and counsellors.

Attention to this legislation particularly involves ensuring a safe environment. I particularly need to beware of hazards such as trailng cables and obstacles such as bags, both of which can lead to people tripping. It is also necessary to ensure all electrical equipment has been tested fully and that fire extinguishers are available as well as being aware of fire exits and evacuation procedures. We also need to be aware of first aid procedures and the whereabouts of first aid kits.

Another important piece of legislation is the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, this requires that disabled students have access to the facilities and necessary adaptations have been made. We also need to consider the needs of any students with long term medical disabilities.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006) requires that, as an agency worker, I provide a current CRB to my employer. Within the classroom and subject to the links with “every child matters,” I must invoke a zero tolerance towards various forms of undesirable behaviour such as racism, homophobia, bullying and abuse.

I also need to consider the Race relations Act (1976) which Forbids discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin. Likewise the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) forbids discrimination on the grounds of gender or marital status. Much of this legislation has been updated in the equality act (2010) Another form of legislation is the Data Protection Act (1998) this permits an organisation to keep various forms of data about individuals. However the protection of this data is particularly sensitive for us since we keep a great deal of information concerning these young people who have complex and often sad family and social histories.

Alongside this legislation there is the Freedom of Information Act (2000) which requires certain information to be released upon request. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988) stipulates that one should state the origins of any reproduced or quoted work. Beyond all this legislation there are also guidelines, such as the Lifelong Learning (UK) code of practice which stipulates ethical methods for teaching adult learners. It is almost important to have a good knowledge of localised disciplinary procedures and rules such as dress codes within the individual educational establishment.

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