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Peyote religious art: Symbols of faith and belief

‘Peyotism’, is a religion of several Native North Americans communities whereby hallucinogenic peyote is used as a sacramental food. This is the most prevalent aboriginal existing within Native American religion. Peyotism religion teaches…

Analytical Processes for school Leaders

Rationalism refers to a belief that opinions should be centered on reason and knowledge, rather than on religious belief or emotional situation. Rationalism considers reason as the main source and…

How Pope Urban Incited the Christians at Clermont

The lord Pope went into the plains in Clermont and spoke to a congregation there. His speech served to insight and implore upon the Christians to take up arms and…

What Daoism presents to man

Daoism is a tradition that originated from native China, whose tenets have a philosophical, religious and ethical context. Daoism believes that Dao explains the existence of everything in the world;…

Understanding the Bible: a basic introduction to biblical interpretation

Religion is a powerful tool in the world today, with different people ascribing to diverse religious beliefs. Religion defines the ways of life and culture of people; hence, emphasizing its…

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