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An age-old battle with both sides having nearly equal followers and those followers being die hard advocates. No side willing to budge and give way to a different possibility makes for a very complicated situation. With both sides so committed to their beliefs there is little chance of a resolution in sight. With this topic comes a very thin line one must walk to cover both sides without offending one side or the other, I know there will be groups that will never accept any one word of this and will hate me. Regardless, I believe this topic needs to be discussed and should no longer be viewed as taboo. Religion asks us take things on faith because they have been now as truth for centuries, but Science tells us that our beliefs are wrong.

Religion has been around since the creation of man according to the Bible and has been in high popularity ever since. No matter what part of the world you look to you will find some form of Religion or belief system. Although all religions and beliefs have some differences to them they all share one very common and major belief. That there is a higher being or presence that controls life, death, fate, world events or all of the above. There are countless Religions in existence and most have a very common belief system, When you break them all down and truly try to grasp what they say to be truth you find that almost all Religions are the same. With so many Religions saying the same thing just with different wording, it has to mean something doesn’t it? Science will always say “no.” Science in its own way is a form of religion. It is a group of people dedicated to defying the known and not willing to take something as truth because a book said it to be so. They will question everything and believe nothing that does not have the cold hard facts. Science has been around since man’s first thought. It is in our nature to wonder and question the unknown, without science we would not be where we are today. Almost everything we have in this day and age can be directly attributed to Science, medicine, vehicles, and thecomputer that wrote this paper. Science has some great properties just like  Religion also has some as well, but both side also have their share of faults and shortcomings.

Science says that our beliefs and that Religion is wrong. That man was not created and there is no superior being in the unknown dictating the outcome of our world and it’s inhabitants. Science says that man has come to be what we know today through a series of mutations through hundreds of thousands of years. That we have direct links in our genetic makeup that says we evolved from apes. Science also says that our world and the Universe were created from random events and in fact not created. Religion tells us the exact opposite and says that Science is in fact the one who is wrong. Religion says that man, woman, plants, animals, and everything thing else that is natural was actually created by a superior being. This superior is very commonly referred to as “God” and is believed to be the master architect of everything from an ant to the Universe itself. According to the Christian Religion the world and all things on it were created in seven days. They also believe the world to be only a couple thousand years old and that everything that has happened or is going to happen is all part of a grand design not for us to know. These are just some of the most common reasons as to why Religion and Science are always at battle with one another.

Now Religion does have a very strong backing and is known the world over in thousands of different forms. But Religion doesn’t exactly look at this as an advantage; Religion has been at the root of more wars than anything else. Clashing belief systems have always been a big problem for Religion and they never learned how to properly accept those differences. A couple hundred years ago Religion banned Science and went as far as to have people who practiced Science put to death. But you have to look at the time period, Religion was the most powerful thing in the world at the time and was put above all else. It’s not much different today but they have lost a lot of their grip on the world, but it’s still very powerful. Science is not innocent in any way or form. Science can also be found at the root of almost every war. Soldiers win wars, but the Science the soldier carries with them also wins the war. The bigger gun, the better land navigation equipment, or
even having the better training is attributed to Science. Some of the worst things in the world are at the fault of Science. Take mass weapons of destruction for example, something that was made for no other reason other than to destroy life was birthed from Science. When you compare Science and Religion they both have blood on their hands, whichever one you decide to shake and align with will come from your core beliefs.

When it comes to the support of Science they have some of the brightest minds in the world on their side. All people who want to know things that have eluded our knowledge for centuries, people who want to know not just believe. The biggest problem of people who back Science is that they find people who do believe in religion to be childish and pathetic. They feel that believing in something greater than your self is silly and a waste of time when all signs point to Religion being wrong. Religion is in the exact same boat as Science when it comes to this. The only difference is that they don’t treat you as if you are stupid for believing Science. They normally go the route of anger or disgust. They get so upset that someone could possibly believe in something other than what the Bible says. They get offended that someone would even say something along the line of evolution or not believing in God. It goes without saying that both Religion and Science could use some tolerance training.

When both are analyzed from a none bias view point you will find that aside from beliefs both Science and Religion operate in a very similar matter. They both have a very strong following, and they also have the same resentment for one another. They both have been at the root of countless wars, and they both no matter what they do will never be tolerant of anything else other than what they believe to be truth. Science can present all the facts to prove evolution, and Religion can show you miracles that cannot be explained and never can be. Both sides can show an open-minded person something will forever change their mind and their hearts forever. But that’s the real trick isn’t it? Learning how to open your minds to things that may be alien to you and may not be what you agree with. Accepting a possibility of something that is outside you beliefs? We have to accept that we will not always have all the answers, and trying to attain them will drive us mad. If I agree with Religion or Science doesn’t matter, what matters is my ability to accept your beliefs without question. I hope this will help you the next time you hear what someone beliefs, that you will be able to be tolerant and understanding.

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