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Rental System Essay Sample

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Rental System Essay Sample

A. Background of the Study (paragraph form) –history of the company


1. Describe the existing conditions –Summary ng business process nila.

2. Justify the chosen topic

3. Citations from existing facts – compare with others.

B. Theoretical Framework

-come up with existing theories/FACTS that has something to do with your research (reference)

sample: Arnis Simulation

C. Conceptual Framework


CFL.. Virtual Simulation

Explain Game Sensor

-are abstracts/ideas *IPO

-combination of research in theoretical framework

D. Statement of the problem — Specify the problem you hope to solve

-draw out appropriate information in order to work out problems seen

-questions should be interconnected/somewhat connected



Specifically, the study sought to answer the ff:

1. What are the possible causes of system delay?

2. How will this affect the overall company performance?

3. What will be the outcome if the problems were not solved?

What are the possible factors to solve the problem in terms of:

a. Man Power

b. Management

c. Data/Information

E. Objectives of the study –purpose of why making the research

1. General – main purpose why making the research

*The researcher aims to create an Online Registration System for ABC Company in order for them to have an …

2. Specific – has to have a connection with the Statement of the Problem

-TENTATIVE ANSWER to the Statement of the Problem

F. Scope and Limitation(paragraph form)

– COVERAGE of the study

a. Population (in the company)

b. Time frame

c. Other variables and methodology


1. Scope –

*The study covers blah blah blah.. the chuva are not included because..

2. Limitation

G. Significance of the Study(paragraph)

-How important is the study and who will benefit from it.

-In Paragraph form, explain WHY.

*For the company, this study will help them… For the employees,blah blah For the proponents, blah blah.. RESEARCHERS are mentioned last. (optional) future researchers.


1. Context (Summary)

2. Level 0 (Block Diagram)

3. Level 1 (Detailed Sub-processes)

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