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2nd of February 2000 on Tuesday I had a phone call from the social worker about this boy who was missing from the children’s home. I was writing the missing report file while the social worker was describing the boy. The social worker was telling me that they have been looking after this boy for couple months since his parents abused him. His parents threw him out of the house. He was really frightened. After the social workers found out about the situation of this boy they decided to take him under childcare. The social worker told me that he couldn’t adjust to the social environment of living with people from different cultures. He always felt loneliness in his life never made any true friends. He was depressed and aggressive towards other children in the children’s house. The whole atmosphere was strange for him. He wasn’t aware of such things as interacting with other people, making new friends. His mental and physical state wasn’t too encouraging from the beginning because he never had a good life.

Ever since the social worker reported this case I have been investigating this case. We couldn’t find him anywhere but there is still hope that we will find him one day.

22nd of December 2005 on Thursday I had a phone call from one of my colleague saying that he found a boy in the jungle. After I received the call I went to see the boy and he was found in a cave with dogs eating food. He had survived in the jungle by scavenging for food with the dogs in the streets and sharing each other’s sorrow. When he was found I took him to the police station. After the investigation I realised that this is the same boy that was reported by the social worker who run away from the children’s home five years ago.

We kept him under observation for weeks to make sure his mental and physical state is normal. According to the doctor it is impossible for this boy to survive alone in the region, in the wintertime without any warm clothes. It’s a miracle that this boy had survived without having any major affects on him. He had forgotten how to correspond with humans because he never had to communicate with the dogs like humans.

Since he was found in the cave with dogs he was named as ‘dog boy’ because the dogs looked after him in the jungle. He was young when he went missing from children’s home and definitely needed someone to look after him. He wasn’t old enough to maintain himself. He lived with the dogs under certain circumstances because he had no family.

2nd of January 2006 on Wednesday I spoke to the doctor and the doctor told me that the boy is completely normal and can go home. After I spoke to the doctor I called the social workers and arranged a meeting with them. My colleagues and me spoke to the social worker and then we all decided to send him back to the children’s home.

I went to the hospital to pick him up and on the way to the police station I told him that I have decided to send him back to the children’s home until his old enough to look after himself. When I came to the police station the social worker were present at the police station to pick him up. He refused to go with them and to stay in the children’s home. He think dogs have looked after him well and he want to go back to the jungle to live with the dogs because he is used to live in an environment where no humans existed. He wasn’t embarrassed to be brought up by dogs.

It would be very difficult for the boy to integrate into the human society, after living with dogs for many years. He was really terrified because he thought we would never allow him to see the dogs again. My colleague and me thought that he drunk milk from the breasts of the female dog while he was living with dogs.

I think his mentally ill because I don’t think anyone wants to live with animals unless they’re mentally ill. I discussed this case further with my colleagues and then we decided to live him alone because we can’t force him to do anything and if he gets too much pressure from us it might affect him mentally.

In the end he went back to the dogs because from his point of views dogs can love him and protect him more than humans.

I think this boy is very sensitive person because he can have a better life in the social environment where human being lives. If he lives in human society it will give him a chance to design his own life, to establish himself but he didn’t like humans because of the incident that happened in the past affected him mentally. However he had an opportunity to make changes in his life to have a peaceful life, rather than living with animals who doesn’t know how to communicate with humans. But he choose to live with the animals and I do not want to interfere in his life anymore because no one has the rights to rules over someone else’s life.

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