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Represent and Promote the Organization Essay Sample

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Represent and Promote the Organization Essay Sample


The main aim of this paper is to provide an in-dept study in the importance of communication in an organization.  This will be carefully explains all throughout this paper using some of the most relevant theories and practices that helps an individual or group in performing better communication in the company.  In this paper it will also provide a discussion on the important topics such as enhancing and encouraging an employee to gain confidence in presenting his idea not only through skills in verbal or oral communication but also in written type of communication.

Task 1


Many of the organization these days are always face with challenges that involve not only relating on how they can effectively compete in the business but also how they can maintain and enhance the skills of its own people.  Take for instance, a company that provides technical services as their main kind of business.  It is very common to these kind of service oriented business that enhancing their skills is always needed, that is because their clients relies more on them on what best practices and standards are applicable and also helpful for them to accomplish their duties with ease and not to complicate things.  Also in this kind of business, communication is the key in effectively performing the business.  This will also be the main focus of this paper.  In this paper it will carefully discuss through the use of related theories relating to communication and lastly providing examples that will truly guide an employee how he can apply communication at work, whether oral or verbal and written type of communication. 

Health of any Organization largely determined by the way Staff Communicate

Because only in this way people tend to be at ease in his or her work because they know that they can easily ask for assistance to anyone in the company since they are honest and open to one another.  Unlike if the company is no open or honest, what happens is that it creates isolation and if that will affect the company since there will be no collaboration.

Johari Window Theory

This theory simply refers to improving the level of self-awareness of certain individual as well as promotes mutual understanding between individuals within the team.  This is a perfect guideline for an employee to communicate honestly, positively and clearly, because it is important that the staff must be sensitive enough in understanding his or her environment first in order to act accordingly.  (Johari Window, n.d.).  In Johari Window theory there are four regions: (1) open area, which refers to what the person knows about himself as well as others know about him, (2) blind area, is what the person doesn’t know about himself, but others know, (3) hidden area, is what he known about himself, but others don’t, and last (4) unknown area, are both unknown to the person as well as to others.  In terms of appropriate size for each of these regions, open area still needs to be the more than the rest while the blind and unknown area if possible eliminate or otherwise must have the smallest measure among the four, and the hidden area is better to be more in a conservative measure since it is important for the person or staff to give little reservation about himself in order to gain more respect with others.

Behavior breeds Behavior

Behavior breeds behavior simply refers to how a person’s behavior reflects on his actual response to a situation whether it is positive or negative outcome.  It is very true that behavior is a true reflection of who you are like in terms of values or beliefs.  One situation that clearly presents this phrase is when I was presenting a group of multi-cultural audience and this was a support system that will be used by all users across Asia.  In attendance were 3 Japanese, 2 Chinese and 5 Thais.  At the beginning it was doing fine until, I have encourage them to ask some question, then that was the time I found out that they have different line of understanding.  Calmly, what I did was to give them another presentation but this time it will be separate.

People observation for improvement in your professional outlook, more mature, influential in changing lives of other people and professional than before

It is true that in order to improve our own personality as well as our outlook in life, it takes a lot of courage, patience, determination and most of all faith in yourself.  This is the main ingredient for anyone to succeed in changing for the better and become influential in changing other people’s lives.  Setting an example is exactly one of the most important character traits of a true improved person.  Starting from yourself, doing what is right and following what is right and turning it into a daily habit and added to that is always practicing humility and trust is enough to be successful in changing your personal life. But before doing this you need to have your daily checklist at the beginning which will guide you on what you should be doing or what behavior is needed for you to be effective in your work.  Communicate well as much as possible because always think that you are not the only one working at the office, as much as possible look for opportunity to interact with others with genuine honesty and respect always as it will also needed in order for others to feel that sincere and genuine feelings are being thrown out on them.

Communication includes liaising, networking and negotiating 

In order to improve your contacts in the organization, these three key components are important.  Like in the case of liaising this is simply establishing close control with others by keeping their names or by simply giving your business card and say “just call me if you need my advise” or “can I get your number”  which is establishing an effective rapport at first is important.  Networking is going to be the next move that needs to be done, and this is by pinpointing the main person who is more influential in a group and later on can attract others within his team and the last one, negotiating is something to do with the actual arrangement of things, this is more delicate than the first two, because one missed here can all put everything down the drain. It is more of providing a much focus on how you can maintain your contact with them through proper end effective communication.  In this example the one who is conducting the three main factors is the marketing manager, and the one being negotiated is the General Manager of a company who happens to be the client who is necessary to be contacted because they are a big influence and power in the company.

Six Effective Ways in Maintaining your Contacts

The six effective ways in maintaining your network or contacts are: regular communication, establish trust, always provide value contribution to your contacts, always understands their needs, always provide assurance and extra care, and lastly, find time to relax with them.  This six effective ways would not only give contacts that you just want them because for some reason, but what is being promoted here is more of a personal attention that needs to be given to these people.  Giving them assurance, providing them extra care, relaxing with them and others are just some of the unexpected but necessary ways that can help maintain your contacts.

Most Suitable Mode of Communication and Strategies used during Disagreement 

During disagreement there is no question that the best and most suitable mode of communication is face to face. This is because through face to face you can really see the true genuine feeling that the other person may have and immediate resolution of the disagreement can also be achieved.  (Communication Modes, 1999).  The strategy that will be applied here is to form a formal meeting with the person, probably in an open but decent place that both of you agreed on.  In this way at least the situation is isolated and both parties can have their own personal views since there are the only two person talking to each other, unlike if the situation is that they met in the office, there will be some influence that can affect their talks and also if they used other modes of communication, it will not answer the problem or disagreement right away like the use of writing, etc.

Task 2

Effective Oral or Verbal Communication

Oral communication is one of the most common forms of communication and part of this type is for you to be able to evaluate effectively the situation within the organization or groups that you will be presenting.  Oral communication is also a perfect example on how people actively conveys his thoughts and successfully influence them as well.  This is also a perfect example on how a person shows his genuine feelings to other person or group which is very useful in terms of resolving conflicts or disagreements.

In a more technical term, oral communication is the spoken interaction between tow of more person or groups.  However, this type of communication is also one of the most difficult one since it also affects and need to adopt some cultural barriers that would lead to misunderstanding to one another.  Take for example communicating to different type of Asian nationalities, from Chinese, to Japanese and into Thailand and up to Vietnamese, these nationalities have different cultures and beliefs and that may cause problem when communicating with them by just practicing a  single mode of communication or just conducting a single event where all of them has to attend.

Oral communication is also performed by the person who will be the speaker to speak what he or she wants and how he says it.  This is still one of the most useful form of communication up to now, because not only it is convenient, it also contributes to the total personality of a person, like self-confidence.

Needed Skills for an Effective Oral Communication

In oral communication, it is very important to know what are the needed skills that the speaker should have in order to be successful and these are: eye contact, body language, style and register, understanding your audience, adapting to your audience and lastly is active and reflective listening.  In maintaining an eye contact, this is very important because the audience would know that you are carefully looking at their attention if they really understand what you are saying or at least making sure that the audience or the person in front of you heard about what is being discussed.  Listening serves many purposes, one is that it makes sure and establishes if the people are listening.  Second, an eye contact also serves as receptiveness, if the person gets what is being discussed through eye connection; third, eye is the basic expressive form that could also signify what the speaker wants to show to the other person or a group.  Body language on the other hand, is more than expressive as the eye.  This totally makes the audience perceives you as the speaker.  This is seen more effective in bigger crowds where crowd can be guided through his body language or movements that will be shown on them.

This is very common to preachers, where they need to move their body in order for their followers to easily follow what he or she wants them to do.  Style and Register, is something to do on how you as the speaker can further connect with your audience, like that change of tone of voice on what may be more appropriate, sometimes you need to have a high tone and them for a moment.  Adjustments may also come when you need to re-iterate on something or emphasizing a part of the speech.  This is very important since this is the time it will totally register to the ears and mind of your audience.  This is the additional techniques that would help you to be more effective speaker and should not take for granted.  Understanding your audience is the first and most important aspect that you need to know.  This is because in understanding your audience, you can have a better presentation and formulating the right strategy will be needed.  Like for instance taking to a group of masters’ degree holder audience is different from undergrads or mix of them.

This only means that if the speaker did not study on this beforehand, it will be a disaster during the training since it will not address directly what to be focus instead the training needs will become boring and unproductive.  Adapting to your audience is also very important skills to know, in this way you have to always look at what the audience wants and not yours.  This is the problem with most speakers, they tend to over-look that they are becoming more of him and not anymore finding ways on how they can focus on the needs of their audience.  It is important and necessary that audience must be carefully study and should always adopt on what they want because they are the one being serve and not letting any of bias idea be injected in the training.  The last one is, Active and reflective listening, this is very important also because speakers should also be good listeners and they should always entertain ideas from the group.  This is also fine because you are simply showing respect for the audience or people attending the training for example.  They should be given or encourage to provide feedback or else it will be difficult to assume that the people who are attending understands what speakers are saying.

Oral Communication Planning Process

In order to be more effective and also helping speakers to be confident in speaking, the following are the different stages of planning process conducted within oral communication.  (1) What type of talk is it? (2)Identify the Audience, (3) How much time do you have, in order to manage the presentation slides and examples as well as discussion which will be done through rehearsal, and (3) Content Expectations, which is also very important because this will make sure on what topics will be expected to be covered in the training.

Other strategies and techniques that will be necessary and should be used are:  Better outlining, this is by breaking down the topics into small pieces in order for the audience to at least know what will be the coverage, secondly, provide some important and most relevant visual aids, keep them as much as possible big if needed to emphasize something and at the same time keep it simple and direct. Third, it is important to provide handouts, fourth and last is let them practice, in order to have a clear simulation on what they learn during the training.  (Effective Oral Communication, n.d.).

Effective Written Communication

Just like oral communication, written communication also has some important guidelines and steps in order to achieve effective way of implementing it. But the most important thing is that in written communication it takes more clear and direct to the point of presentation of thoughts. The following are the important objectives that need to follow: (1) Identify the steps of the writing process, (2) Identify the guidelines for establishing a good relationship with your audience. And lastly, (3) identify the types of transitions you can use to refine your message.

The Writing Process

It is important that in writing it should not be immediately be done and submitted to your target recipient instead there should be processes that needs to be followed and that is the writing process.  The following are the effective steps that it use in order to have a better and well communicated information to the recipients: (1) prewriting, this is anything that goes into the mid of the writer, it is like refreshing the mind, all ideas that comes to the mind of the writer will be written in a piece of paper, the more information or ideas that will come out the better it will be for the next stage.  (2) Drafting, this time will be the start of converting the ideas that you have in the previous step and construction of sentences and paragraph formally starts here.

The writer should not also be very conscious or give much attention on the spellings or grammars since it is just a draft.  The main idea here is to conceptualize first the idea or what is being called forming stage.  (3) Revising, is now the start of making it more acceptable, in this case better construction of the sentences needs to be expected to develop.  Grammars and spellings should also be considered here and the entire thought of the information should be well validated.  Ideas must be well connected to one another.  Lastly, (4) Editing, this is the final stage where it needs to find out on the other mistakes that can be find in the paper, which will make a more refine result in the paper.  This provides a more complete and well cohesive line of statement is created.  Effective thoughts are also presented.  (The Writing Process, n.d.).  This is very critical part of effective written communication because it is where the sender will know exactly what you need to convey and no additional information like explanation may be added.  This is mostly being done to long distance communication where the difficulty and the cost of verbal communication are being felt by the communicating parties.

Identifying the guidelines for establishing relationship with the audience is simply refers to understanding the person that you will be sending the information. Values, culture or the manner on how they can easily understand what you have written must carefully be studied.  This is not far as how in verbal communication goes, which it also needs to, learn the person before it will conduct that training or seminar.  Written communication is not that different.  Even though you can’t see the person or the group, still there is a factor about knowing them and that should be taken into consideration upon the development of the written communication paper. And the last important component of effective communication is the types of transition use to refine the message.  This depends on the audience or the person again on what is ideal and most likely preferred by the person who will receive the message.  This can be either with the use of more traditional way or through the use of some technologically assisted tools.

The added techniques or best advise that will be needed for person to be better communicate through writing is that, first be exact and direct with the message you want to convey, second be compassionate and practice respect in every words you put in your message because this will also add respect to you and lastly, make it simple and as much as possible concise, this will be a big help to address cultural problems and people will tend to understand immediately what you want to convey.

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