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Nowadays, Fast Food business is very popular not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Food business is a kind of franchisable business that people love to engage with. When we say franchising, it is the method of doing business. Wherein a franchisor (founder of the franchisable business) licenses trademarks and tried and proven method of doing business to a franchisee (who wanted to be part or to own that kind of business) in exchange with a regular payment and usually a percentage piece of their gross sales or gross profits as well as the annual fees. The franchisor and the franchisee is bind by an agreement in accordance to the business where they engage with. Jollibee, McDonalds and KFC are among the world’s best known and loved brands today, and this would not have been possible without their dedicated employees. These companies also make sure that they’ve put the right man on the right job. And it is also because they offer their employees a high-quality options such as the potential for advancement, company reputation, benefits package and salary scale that makes their employees to strive on working because it worth their benefits and securities.

The employees are also trained well to their particular field to ensure the quality of work that will be going to apply in their job. The employees undergo in a due process before they’ve been hired and the company makes use of the right way on how to have their employees. First, the applicant will be recruited by the company in accordance to the vacancy as well the qualifications asked. Next is the selection process wherein the qualified applicant will be chosen to meet the needs of the company regarding their employees. And last is the placement wherein the chosen applicant will be assigned to the job that will jibe on his/her skills, abilities, knowledge and potentialities.

Proper selection of the right man is an asset to the company and usually dedicated employees are the key elements in the succession of it. The flow of work in a company depends upon the satisfaction of the employees itself that’s why as we can observe those companies who give much benefits and much priorities their employees are leading in their field. When the company is well known in its good treatment on its manpower, skilled and most knowledgeable employees may tend to apply on them and the company itself will be benefited. It’s because the image of the company reflects on how their employees are being treated and on how they enjoyed their working environment.

For further, the fast food business must provide dedicated people to their job. In order to deal this the following they should put in mind. They trained well to the particular field and to ensure the quality of work. Before this there are certain step-by-step before an applicant may be hired. There are recruitment, selection, and placement. In recruitment the applicant undergo to the process of recruiting by which prospective applicants are induced to apply to the company in order that their qualifications for present and anticipated vacancies can be evaluated through sound screening and selection procedures. While in selection is act of selecting the objective of employee selection is to hire the best qualified candidate or employee available for the position to be filled to the extent that the company is able to achieve the objective of the company will likely attain high productivity and the employee most likely find his work satisfying and rewarding. And placement is the finding the job that suitable to your potentialities and knowledge of the most qualified employee.

This study about the Recruitment, Selection, and Placement Policies of selected fast food business in Batangas City has been conducted because of the fact that no franchise business escapes the criticism for short fall to a certain standards of performance operations are considered to be operating in an autonomous way. This kind of situation may establish the belief that these fast food businesses may have policies effectively. This belief may not hold true of the franchise fast food business, as a whole, but may be true of certain functions like recruitment, selection, and placement in Human Resource Management.

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