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            In the aspect of analytical research, acquiring information for evaluation and dissemination is critical as this serves as the basis for the development of the understanding and analysis of the subject. In actual application, researchers indeed exert much efforts and resources in their acquisition of substantial and significant informations on the subject of their research to be use as their tool for proving their hypothesis. As such, the data

the data gathering aspect manifests to be an important part in the research project. In particular application, the research aspect is significant in healthcare administration as through this approach that the management and the involved individuals can perceive development in this concern. Through developing hypothesis based on this concern and implementing research process to prove the first, the healthcare aspect can significantly develop their value towards the society. Important to this concern is the process of data gathering manifesting as the basis for research aspect. However, in actual application, several problems and issues often hinder the effective pursuit of the research process.

            The actual application of data gathering in the aspect of healthcare research often encounters several problems. Included in these concerns is the inaccuracy of the data due mainly to the involved time period transition wherein the cases in field of healthcare often change rapidly. Another element critical to this issue is the resources and effort needed to gather information in the healthcare field due to the numerous critical factors involved in each cases. For research involving personnel subject, the common problems in this pursuit are the inconsistencies in the actual practice as influenced by numerous factors present on each cases.

Another issue is the discrepancies in the administration and the capacity of each institution wherein some hospitals have first class status while others are not. This also includes the differences in the technological capacity and the adeptness of the practitioners concerning this issue. Indeed, in the actual application of healthcare research, several critical issues often hinder the effective pursuit of the process as such it is important to incorporate these factors in the general process. Doing so can negate the adverse influences of these issues towards the effectiveness of the research process enabling it to be flexible and realistic towards its actual subject.

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