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Research Paper on Peter Abelard Essay Sample

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Research Paper on Peter Abelard Essay Sample


Abelard’s influence on his instantaneous successors was not very great. His conflict with the ecclesiastical authorities, and partly to his personal defects, more especially his vanity and pride, which must have given the impression that he valued accuracy less than victory. Abelard’s influence on the philosophers and theologians of the thirteenth century was very great.  Abelard was the first modern, the founder of the University of Paris justified in regarding his in spite of his faults of character and mistakes of judgment. As an important contributor to scholastic method, an enlightened opponent of obscurantism, and a continuator of that revival of knowledge which occurred in the Carolingian age that whatever there is of science, literature, and speculation in the early Middle Ages is the historical development.

Peter Abelard was the champion of scholastic philosophy, a successful teacher and a man of prodigy. Peter Abelard is well known for his platonic love affairs with his student Heloise, but during his lifetime he was known as a leading philosopher. He had philosophical prodigy, he was gaining knowledge on logic. Peter Abelard became famous for his hackneyed practice dialectics. He gained philosophical knowledge through participation in  the intellectual interaction with the intelligentsia   of different schools. By 1114, Peter Abelard became a successful teacher imparting knowledge among the students, where he became acquaintance with Heloise and became a eminent vanguard of the twelfth century Renaissance.

Peter Abelard has been immortalized for his solution to the problem of cosmopolitan, he hold the view that language itself cannot determine the reality of things, but physics must do so. He evince skill ness in writing poetry. Abelard introduce logic in every sphere of life to matters of faith, criticized anything which is contrary to conscience and frequently humiliated clerics, he has not been respected by his contemporaries. However, his critics recognized that Peter Abelard was one of the greatest scholar and intelligentsia of his time. He was a brilliant scholar at the university of Paris. He drew the attention of student as magnet, threw challenge to his masters with scintillating display of logic.

Abelard returns to Paris before he completes his study. Abelard (1079- 1142) was a logician and Christian theologian. He prefers to study logic. Subsequently he went to Paris to attend classes with famous dialectician William Chapeaux. Abelard’s interest in introducing twelfth century method dialectical inquiry to Christian doctrine lead him to study theory at Loan with Ansel of Loan who recognized for his lecture on patristic information. The worth at Loan was his formidable accomplishment.

Abelard drew the attention of Heloise at the academic class. This was not social occasion where they came in to closer contact. Heloise was under the protection of her uncle Fulbert, a canon at the Cathedral. The view hold by, Abelard, “ It was this young girl whom I , after carefully all those qualities , which are not attracted  lovers, determined to unite with myself  in the bonds of love.  Abelard made this comment that We were united first in the dwelling house that provide shelter our love and then in the hearts that burned with it. Heloise   was skill on love affairs from the very beginning Heloise was enthusiastic Abelard’s presence as ordained by destiny.

Both Abelard and Heloise are active on love affairs. Both are enraptured with the arts of learning, they share an intellectual energy.  The comment passes “ Under the pretext of study we spent our hours in happiness of love. Our speech was more of love than of the books, which lay open before us. Abelards was overwhelmed by the proximity oh Heloise.  Finding beloved studies, his energy for learning enhance manifold.

Abelard and Heloise are one of the successful couples of all era and well known for their love.  In a letter to Abelard, Heloise wrote “ You know, beloved, as the whole world knows, how I have lost in you , how at one wretched  stroke of fortune that supreme act of flagrant treachery robbed me  of my very self in robbing me of you, and how  my sorrow  for my loss is  nothing compared with what I  fell for the manner in which I lost You.

Abelard and Heloise were two dignified persons, brought together by passion, then stay apart by the act of uncle’s revenge. Subsequently Abelard writes his “ Historica Calamitatum” “ Her uncle’s love for her was equaled only by his desire that she should have the best education which he could possibly procure for her. Of no mean beauty, she stood out above all by reason of her abundant of letters.”

Abelard persuaded Fulbert to allow him to teach Heloise. Introducing the plea that his own home was obstacles to receive education. Abelard moves to yhe house. She was educated woman of her time.  She was more than twenty years younger than Abelard.  Abelard wrote “ Oh, how great was the uncle’s grief when he leaned the truth and how better was the sorrow of the lovers when were forced to stay apart.

 There were separated, but did not conclude the episode.  Heloise became pregnant; she left her uncle ‘s residence when he was not at home. She stayed with Abelard’s sister residence until Astrolabe was born. Heloise   finally gave her consent to marry Abelard. Heloise told him “ Then there is no more left but this, that in our doom the sorrow yet to come shall be no less than the love we two have already known”, “ Nor in this, as now the whole world knows, did she lack the spirit of prophecy”.

Heloise was well known in Paris like Abelard.  She was eminent for her learning and exceptional legendary lady in the twelfth century in French. She was only sixteen when she became known with Abelard; he evinced stillness in traditional liberal arts of grammar, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, geography and   astronomy. She participate some of his lectures at the cathedral. Long ago, Peter fall in love with something besides dialectic.  Her uncle, Fulleert, hired him to teach Heloise.  While peter move to the house of Heloise, Heloise heart filled with thrilled. They are successful couple   and sympathetic with each other

The romance change Abelards life. She began to write love poem. He was not interested to compose lecture on dialectics.  Fullert caught red handed the lover and was enraged beyond the clarification. New scandal disseminated   all over Paris. Fulbert get out   of      house Alebart and scholar took shelter another house nearby Church.

Heloise refuse that he was unfit for wedding. She knew there was no way to keep the wedding clandestine. Her love Abelard was spiritual and platonic.  She is interested to give her life to him, but not at the cost of reputation.

Fulbert violate his commitment. Heloise denied that she and Abelord were married. She and her nucle engage in clash.  Alebard bring her again She did not wear cloth.  When Fulbert heard this, he became angry. Abelard was offended that Heloise writes him aletter describing her torment.

We would like analyzing the ideological vision of   Peter Abelard.  We have to highlight Peter Abelard Charismatic prodigy, which made him known among the general mass.  His dialectical analytical vision provides solution to religious taboo. Some of his critics reprimanded his psychological ideology.  Peter Abelard did not stop his endeavour in disseminating message of dialectical analysis with the objective of resolving fundamentalist taboo.

Peter Abelard  was a successful dialectical   philosopher in those eras. It was his congenital prodigy, which took him to the culmination of his career. Peter Abalard flourishes his latent talent with the advent of Heloise in his life. Her platonic love enhanced the potentiality of Peter’s work. Peter Abelard composes myriad numbers of plaintive love poems by gaining the proximity of Heloise. Reputation of his work disseminated all over Paris. Peter dialectical interpretation resolved fundamentalist disputes. Though Heloise was the student of Peter, Heloise had proficiency in different fields of arts, music, psychology, philosophy and mathematics. Peter Abelard’s thought of depth amputated with exchanging interaction with Heloise. Emergence of Heloise in Peter Abelard life infused fresh energy, which gave him capability of dialectical interpretation.

The relationship between Abelard Heloise is considered as one of the great romance of history.  Abelard Heloise got married in accordance with conventional process at that time. The matrimony was kept clandestine by covenant with the parties.  Heloise raised objection that matrimony would be betrayed of the philosophic idea. Abelord said, “ Logic has made me hated by the world”. Heloise said “ The name of mistress instead of wife would be dearer and more honorable for me, only love giver freely, rather than the constriction of marriage ties”. Abelard expresses his annoyance of marriage.  A trial hold against Abelard, which was masterminded by Berrard of Clairvaux who intended to destroy Abelard’s influence and image.

 Abelard married his former student Heloise after she had become pregnant by him. And gave birth a child whose name was Atrolable. . Heloise uncle Fulbert arranged Abelard’s castration, as punishment for keeping the wedding clandestine, marriage is not appropriate for a teacher of a church. Abelard and Heloise developed the concept of love, which goes beyond the traditional bond between husband and wife; surpass the limit of sexual relationship and objective for spiritual purity.  I found that Heloise mental faculty and dedicate to love rather than sexual relationship bringing to spiritual development.

Abelard’s struggle against the Orthodox Church, he continues his Endeavour   by writing dissertation   with the objective of defending himself as a teacher and cleric. One book of Abelard has been banned by church, which contain passionate love for Heloise. His struggle for intellectual freedom, Struggle against dictatorship.  Abelard was stronger than Heloise because he succeeded in seducing a woman, getting her pregnant and sending her into the convent.  Before the expiry of Abelard, he publicly recognized his son, Astrolabe, begs for pardon and advocated   for defending his son life, but he is admired as a brilliant philosopher.

Heloise reputation was on climax like Abelard. She was famous for gaining knowledge, which was unique in a woman in twelfth century in French. She was only sixteen when she becomes known with Abelard. She attained proficiency on traditional liberal arts of grammar, rhetoric, music, astronomy and geography.  Sometimes, she joins the lecture of cathedral.  Since long ago, Abelard fell on love with Heloise. Her uncle Fulbert hired him to teach Heloise. With the advent of Heloise in the life of Abelard, which influence Abelart life. Abelart began to write love poem rather than composing lecture on dialectics. It has been visualized among the student that Abelard has changed his pattern of work.

Abelard made a proposal to Fulbert, uncle of Heloise, “ He would like to get married Heloise on condition that the matrimony should be kept secret. Heloise denied this proposal.  She claim that Abelard was unfit for wedding, she asked, could a scholar run household where exist cradle rather than desk. Heloise said that Peter is not a ordinary guy, he is a genius. She is not interested to make peter a ordinary man. Her love for Abelard was spiritual and Devine She is ready to dedicated her life for Abelard career enlistment Fulbert violated commitment and revealed the matrimonial news to public. Heloise denied that she and Abelard were married.  She and her uncle involved in squabble. At one stage Abelard took her again.  She wore the clothing of a nun, but did not take oath. When Fulbert heard this, He become indignant that he was resolved to exact the ultimate penance from Abelard. Some kinsman broke Abelard dwelling and castrated him. This misdeed infuriated the public opinion against Fulbert. The church condemned against this misdeed. Heloise took the vow of a nun.  Abelard invoked such a prestigious abbey in hopes of reviving his teaching career.

 Abelard was scandalized when Heloise writes him a letter narrating her inner torment.  I t was the expectation of Abelard that Heloise had the wisdom and leadership ability to cope with the struggle for existence and urge her to write him letter concerning any question about her life.

The topics cover the range of Abelard’s thought in logic, ethics, theology, poetry, literature and music. Mews discussed ancient and medieval sources used by Abelard and his contemporaries. Mews indicated “ The evolution of Abelard ‘s thinking about language, theology, and ethics is marked by continuity rather than by rupture and that it can not be understood apart from influence of Heloise” Mews marked the influence of Heloise over Peter’s career, Abelard’s thought topically and chronologically from his arrival in Paris school and love affairs with Heloise.  Mews gave the clear interpretation of major philosophical position and pointing out where Abelard’s thought developed.

Mews argued “ Heloise is more than just an inspiration for Abelard but is the genuine source of many of Abelard’s best ethical and theological ideas. Mews described, life long development of an ethic and theology based on human and Devine love.  Mews identified Abelard’s thought from the early letters exchange with Heloise about nature of personal love affairs.  Mews indicated a change in Abelard’s understanding of Holy Spirit as Devine benignity.   Mews successfully demonstrated that Heloise is the source for many of Abelard’s idea. .

In my opinion, the relationship between Peter Abelard and Heloise   was   cordial. With the advent of Heloise in the life of Peter brought over a great change. Peter Abelard    had intellectual prodigy, which brought him to the culmination of reputation. Peter charismatic power leads him to the path of   successful philosopher. He was unparallel among his contemporaries. He introduces his dialectical interpretation in   resolving communal   discrimination. He was not lagging behind    to interpret his dialectical analysis successfully. . His composition of poetry and analytical dissertation    drew the attention of the people. Heloise was the student of Peter, but she had extraordinary prodigy   among her contemporaries.

Her proximity with Peter enriches the dissertation of Peter Abelard.  Heloise was source of Peter success..  Peter Abelard enriches his dialectical interpretation through interaction with Heloise.  There was no alternative   of Heloise in the life of Abelard…Clandestine wedding causing an embarrassing situation become obstacle on consolidating relationship between Peter Abelard and Heloise. Heloise   had a dream for Peter Abelard’s career development. She leave no stone unturned to materialized the successful dialectical interpreter in the contemporaries society. The love of Heloise bestowed over Peter with the objective of enhancement   his interpretation capability.


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