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As in all career paths there will always be different terminology that is associated with that particular profession. For example, if one were to immerse him or herself into a group of doctors, one would find that he or she would not quite understand the conversation to the fullest extent due to the fact that one has not been subject to this type of terminology for a prolonged period of time. This fact remains the same when concerning the criminal justice field and the research that is conducted that concerns the criminal justice field. It is of great importance to learn any terms that pertain to the criminal justice field, especially if one decides that is their preferred profession. In school we learned simple terms such as the word “variable”, but when it comes to criminal justice we learn new terms such as “crime analysis”. Over the years we have seen so many changes to the criminal justice field.

The reason why conducting research is so important to the criminal justice field is because it assists us in learning and retaining the knowledge of the terminology concerning criminal justice. The criminal justice field plays a very important role to society. The criminal justice career path is a very serious one because what will happen in a person’s life could be decided by it. One tiny mistake could end up turning into something major. Not being knowledgeable in criminal justice terminology could make things worse. If a police officer did not know and understand the terms associated with his or her job as well as know and understand the various laws that exist then this could cause him or her to perform incorrectly on the job. A crime scene investigator requires an exact science. One minor mistake could cause the investigator to lose evidence so important to help in solving a case.

When a person does not possess the knowledge of the correct terminology that is needed for the criminal justice field, it can create a barrier that not only deals with language but also mentality level. It can also affect the way duties are carried out and offenses are defined and also how the offenses are judged in the courtroom. This could be a sign that certain individuals may not be performing on the same legal level as his or her peers and this can become detrimental to the department as well as the individual. If an individual is knowledgeable of criminal justice terminology then this will allow the individual to perform the proper research and analysis with the data collected. He or she will also be able to categorize and classify any crimes in the correct manner. Without possessing the correct knowledge it could be quite difficult to determine whether or not an offense is a criminal case. When an individual has knowledge of the terminologies that concern criminal justice, an individual can understand data acquired in criminal justice studies.

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