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One of representatives of lift-radical conception of “upper-class” W. Domhoff is convinced that “governing elite” (Power Elite) or “upper class” idea is completely closed. He doesn’t say that upper class is the only one who rules America: he considers that both upper class and power elite do it.

  In his determination upper class has almost complete unity and integrity; Domhoff included in determination of “upper classes” “active members of upper society and their hirelings, who hold high leading posts in political institutions, which are controlled by upper classes. Governing elite (Power Elite) has roots in that class and serves to their interests. It is the operating force of upper class.

Domhoff affirms that there is such upper class, which is owner of major business and which owns and controls major part of funds, etc including mass media, corporations, enterprises, banks, elite institutions and other important organizations as well as executive departments in government, military, etc. As far the upper class controls majority of economic power of the country, it influences events (political, economic, civil, etc) which are important for country’s life and in such a way the upper class becomes business aristocracy (a fixed group of people, who have certain privileges).

Domhoff states that such group of privileged people, so-called “upper class” in the early 1990-s had 15.7 percent of the whole America’s income and the percentage of privately held wealth was 37.2 percent, which included 62.4% of all bonds and 49.6% of corporate stocks.

As far as they belong to the same social groups, they know each other, spend time at the same resorts, clubs, send their children to the same elite schools, they really form a special group, which can influence (and which really influences) life of the whole country.

As far as Domhoff states, Americans often say that a person can achieve all he wants even if he is from poor family. But in fact, studying lives of those people one the Forbes list (period 1995-1996) you can see that approximately 56% were the children belonging to rich (millionaire’s) families (Domhoff, p.401).

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