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Research Report Subway Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Executive Summary

The purpose of this analysis report is to provide an insight into SUBWAYS consumer insights. Based on critically analysing SUBWAYS current Target market their needs, wants and beliefs those strategic findings will help the account management team prepare the presentation for the communication strategy recommendation on October 2012 SUBWAY is a well-known fast food franchise that had recently won the award for the most trust fast food brand in New Zealand .With over 200 stores located all around New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Tiwai Point. Consumer insights when thinking about SUBWAY it is a fast effective healthy meal on the go, targeted to consumers that enjoy eating healthy while having a busy lifestyle.


SUBWAY was brought to New Zealand in 1994 after seeing the potential and opportunity within the fast food industry for great tasting, healthy food. Where the first store opened was in Parnell in December 1995 from there onwards SUBWAY hasn’t looked back. Nowadays Subway is now the biggest and most trusted brand in New Zealand. New Zealand now boasts over 200 stores located all around New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Tiwai Point

SUBWAYS vision is to produce fast effective great tasting, healthy food towards there consumers with affordable prices that all socios could afford to purchase a healthy sandwich. From researching and analysing the SUBWAY franchise at the AUT campus I will be clearly identifying and strategically analysing the consumer insights in the next parts ahead.

Strategic Findings

Consumer Insight Concepts

The kind of consumer insight needed when developing a new product or brand is all about what target consumers are saying and thinking, and what truly matters to them. With that kind of insight in hand, we can create a product that fully delivers the benefit highlighted by the insight. The key to finding a big new insight is understanding consumer needs, wants, and how they view and use the category. Trying to “sell the consumer” on your views is seldom successful, but listening to their language and watching their actions will point you straight to terrific new insights.

Ask yourself this: what is it about your product (or organisation) that triggers an emotional response stronger than the commodity itself? (Gordan, J. , Vernick, B. & Sukys, B.2005) Once you have possible insights identified, these insights should be objectively and quantifiably tested to determine if they are truly bold, new insights (or just old hat rephrased). Understanding those subconscious, emotional motivations and hidden tensions through consumer insights research will allow you to develop messages and commun

ications that resonate with consumers and ultimately build long-lasting relationships and loyalty to

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your brand


Consumer Insight Analysis

From the knowledge of the consumer insight concepts I went out to the real world and analysed the consumers who go to SUBWAY. What were the consumers wants needs and how they view and use SUBWAY, how did they act when they entered SUBWAY. The SUBWAY I analysed was located in the AUT campus which attracts a lot of university students. The consumer insight I found was that when consumers go to subway they are thinking for a convenient, healthy, cheap meal on the go. But the biggest benefit of SUBWAY is that it targets the consumers that have a busy lifestyle that don’t have much time and want to be healthy at the same time which creates that convenience. During the time researching SUBWAY have fast sales following the name of fast food the consumers are out of the restaurant by 30 minutes max.

I analysed an individual consumer 21 years old studying at AUT university enjoying going to the gym and staying fit as well as enjoying hanging out with mates and going to social events also still stays with his parents has not really have much income. I asked him a few questions of what was his wants, needs and how they view and use SUBWAY as well as how do they feel when entering SUBWAY The consumer said I go to SUBWAY as it’s the most convenient healthy food restaurant in the market, I get busy when exams and assignments are on so I need something quick, cheap and at the same time it’s a fresh and healthy.

The Consumer said he feels healthy when he sees the fresh salads , breads and meats on display which seals the deal for him . The consumer told me he likes chicken teriyaki on the Italian herbs and cheese with all the salads. After analysing the consumer insights I have come up with a solution of ideas that need to be addressed. I found that consumers are only looking for a cheap healthy meal on the go and leave the restaurant right away. In order to create a successful brand, SUBWAY needs to try making relationships with the consumers.

From deep analysis I have come up with an idea that will create a relationship with consumer and SUBWAY. Where SUBWAY should start a campaign that reaches out to the consumers and creates a relationship, I have come up with an Idea to do that, SUBWAY should get consumers to write down there favourite sandwich (which meat, bread, salads and sauces) after that the collection of their favourite sandwiches create a menu or $5 sandwich of day deal where it’s the consumers favourite sandwich combination.

For example on Monday Jack Fowlers favourite sandwich is chicken strips with lettuce , onion , sweet chilli where it the sandwich will only cost $5 for a foot long , On Tuesday its Sam Cooks Favourite of Tuna on Italian Herbs and cheese. A benefit from this is that it is a cheap sandwich and targets the lower income students but also creates a relationship with the brand and makes the consumer feel important.


The issue about this idea is the pricing of the sandwiches, from analysing consumer insights consumers want the cheapest sandwich but the best tasting. But SUBWAY will have to sell a lot of sandwiches to meet the objectives


SUBWAYS consumer insights has been analysed fairly. There are some good perceptions but there are a lot of different consumers out there that have different consumer insights of SUBWAY and the pricing of the sandwiches could be too low. These issues will be assessed in the presentation to the client after considering other consumer insights of the target market .


Gordan, J. , Vernick, B. & Sukys, B. (2005) How consumer insight makes or breaks a new brand. The Wise Marketer Retrieved September 12th, 2012, from http://www.thewisemarketer.com/features/read.asp?id=82

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