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Introduction of TOPIC

Should the federal government require mandatory service for all citizens between the ages of 18 and 35? I selected this topic primarily because we were just discussing this last semester. The fairness of this question is faulty, and this is due to the civil rights we enjoy as Americans. In order for the government to require mandatory service, the Supreme Court would have to make a ruling on its Constitutional bearing. This mandatory requirement would affect all generations, not just the current generation, and it should be to up to each generation to serve willingly. My audience for this topic is the civic-minded adults, in the age group 18 to 35. Requiring mandatory service for all citizens, affects everyone, and it affects the rights afforded to us by the Civil Rights Act, Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Should DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws be changed? I selected this topic, because I have been a victim of some

one breaking these laws. Speaking personally, the laws should be stricter and harsher for offenders.

Do you realize how many people come through my facility a day for breaking these laws, at least seven. That ends up being a minimum of 49 people a week being charged with DUI. My audience for this topic is drivers.

The laws surrounding DUI should protect you, and not simply slap the offenders on the wrist.

Should changes be made to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)? I chose this topic, because there is a need to have the FDA take responsibility for staying up to date on medicine. When changes are made to any drug, we should be notified about it not only by the media, but also on the bottles themselves. However, too many times changes are made to drugs, and it takes upward to three years before labels are changed to reflect these changes. My audience for this topic is the health conscious.

Changes the FDA make affect all of us, and they should be held responsible for keeping us up to date.


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