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Introduction of TOPIC

1.Summarize the service failure associated with this experience. The service failure in this case study is the failure to give the proper service to Mr. Harrington. When he calls, he press the right numbers for his proper reservation but after a long wait in the phone operator he got the wrong person and after that he has been transfer and waited again. And this also shows that they lack on personnel that can answer the call. All of this can result to a bad image to the company and the customer or guest will not to your establishment anymore.

2. (a) What might the travel agency have done to guarantee a better service experience for Mr. Harrington? The travel agency should guarantee a better service to their customer. They should guarantee the accuracy of the Information Technology or I.T. and as you can see, the one who answers the phone call seems he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he don’t even show the right way to Mr. Harrington. This is wrong due to that their job should be a customer friendly, and they are the one who will guide the customer not vice versa.

(b) How do your suggestions relate to the TQ principles?
The suggestion that I can make that I can relate to the TQ principles is to make sure that all of their equipments are functioning properly and to conduct a proper training to their employees. In this matter we can see that the management may improvement their doings. It can help them to strengthen their capability of doing their job.

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