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Resisiting Change Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

There is nothing constant in this world but change. Many civilizations, empires and governments have been toppled because of the forces of change. Although inevitable, segments of people in the society affected by change tend to resist it in its dire attempt to hold on to those firmly established systems; i.e. social structure and political systems. This self-correcting characteristic of a group of individuals who are confronted by forces of change is called homeostasis (Newstrom and Davis, p. 236). Thus, their synergistic response is aimed at maintaining the status quo by investing in activities that hamper the institution of drastic changes and thereby protect their collective interests.

The road to change is, most of the time, costly. History is replete with examples of many bloodshed and ruination before change can be effected. In the case of t

he Russian revolution of 1917, the change that caused the fall of the Romanov dynasty was brought by

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the people’s massive discontent that resulted in many peasants’ revolts (Trueman, Schaffler, Stewart, and Hunter, p. 422).  Power and its diminution is the central theme in most struggles for change.

            Embracing change, albeit difficult, is imperative to strike equilibrium and prevent further unrest. In this kind of political and social changes, the prevailing leaders are important agents who are entrusted with the task to transform the misery caused by the conflicts into a peaceful regard of individual’s worth. This will stimulate the people’s readiness to adapt to the changes and thereby crack any resistance from that direction. Thus, Nehru on his speech on India’s declaration of independence, on August 14, 1947 (McArthur, p. 235), emphasized the coming of the new nation and the roles the citizens will play in gaining back its greatness and glory.

                        Again, history teaches us that effecting change involves the interplay of various factors.  For the successful implementation of change, each factor shall be recognized and its functions fully understood.


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