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Introduction of TOPIC

The workshop lessons for “Too much punch for Judy” required a lot of imagination and energy; we each had to imagine ourselves in the mind of these characters and how they were feeling.

In one of these lessons we created a still image of a good night out, using our body language and facial expressions to create an emotion for everyone to see. In my group we decided to be taking a photo in this still image, it worked very well because you could see we were all enjoying ourselves; some had drinks in their hands and others were just smiling at the camera.

In another we had to perform the court scene which the book doesn’t actually mention. It was a very fun activity, it gave us a chance to create a new character or perform as an existing one. Our group used a variety of explorative strategies, role play, thought tracking and cross cutting. I think

we responded to this task well, because we could improvise in a sense. No one knew what happened in

the court, so we could make it up. We used thought tracking by used Judy to tell her feelings to the audience and how nervous she was. We added in cross cutting as we thought it would be interesting to refresh the audience’s memory of that exact scene, for example; in one part Deana who was being interviewed was reminiscing about a memory of how funny her sister was:

Prosecutor: Katie

Judy: Deana

Prosecutor: ….Ok. So who else was with you in the bar apart from you and Joanna?

(Judy laughs to herself)

Prosecutor: I struggle to see what is funny…

Judy: Well….

(Its cuts to a scene of Jo and Judy dancing in the wine bar)

(Bob and Nob enter)

Bob: Alrite love? How’d you like to wake up to me tomorrow?

Nob: Nah. Come with me, he’s just smug.

Jo: Ummm… who are you?

Judy: Yeah, I don’t think we heard your names?

Bob: Oh I’m Bob and this is my mate Nob

Jo: ….. Ha-ha you sound like Bill and Bob!

Judy: Come on sis, let’s get out here.

(They walk away in hysterics)

This scene really shows the audience how close the sisters were and that they stuck together through life. I think the cross cutting worked very well and it quite a sad effect to the performance because most of the memories are before Joanna died. After this performance, our entire group realised what it was like to be involved in someone’s death, because it seemed so realistic.

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