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Mother, wife, daughter, teacher she’s the bearer of numerous such responsibilities . yet shes the one who suffers the most. Indeed i’m talking about women, the sole life barrier and carrier. If hardcore facts startle you, here are some of those, Myanmar soilders have been legally been assaulting women for years. A women is raped every 3 seconds in South Africa and in every minute in India. Man has since time immemorial treated women as his inferior least realizing he worships female deity quite contrary to his attitude. As if dowry wouldnt settle matters he had “purdah” as further restrictions . Recently it has been found that Britishers are marrying Indian women for dowry and leave them soon. This dominating nature of accounts for all vices in the society. Feminists might cite examples of Kiran Bedi or Kalpana Chalwana , with due respect to them i must point out that the mere facts that the names of eminent women can be counted suggests that they are handful . The chunk of female population resides in villages where they start working as a labour and end up as sex toys.

Open one day’s newspaper and you will find glaring examples of women being thwared. Recently a women was told to marry her father in law who had raped her. Where people of such miserable mindset live , who says we have established gender equality.? Female infanticed ! has it stooped ? A village in Gujrat has not had a girl child since past three years . Even if girls outshine boys in every examination , they still need reservation for getting admission. Isnt it boys hypocrisy taht on one hand we boast of co-ed instituies and on other hand , eve teasing, molestations inside school and collages campus are on blindfold rise? Even though she lives her life , her life has shrunken to that pointt of being valueless. She is shunned in corner to brood over her sex. i conclude on that the GEN -x thinks over this issue , broadens its mindset and realizes that “most elite creature” that is man could not have conquered the world without women.


Emma Taylor


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