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Responce to Spech from Obama on Importance of Education Essay Sample

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Responce to Spech from Obama on Importance of Education Essay Sample

At this point in the school year I feel nervous for the rest of the school year. In the first half I didn’t exactly do my best and I struggled to get by in the first two quarters. I am taking precautions to make sure that I don’t repeat the past and have a better last half of the year. I am still feeling very stressed and pressured by many things in life right now in the school year but I have found different ways to cope with it like reading and painting. I used to use these to cope with stress and I stopped for a while and I recently started again. My past is an important part of me as a student and as a learner. Over the past two quarters I have made many mistakes and I have learned a lot from those mistakes. I have learned that if you really want something you have to go for it, you can’t just sit around and expect things to fall into your lap because they won’t. Life is about working for what you want and learning from your mistakes. I am responsible for myself and for my own work. Other people aren’t going to do my work for me or keep reminding me or nagging me to do my work. I need to be responsible and get it done on my own and on time to the best of my ability.

Being a responsible student doesn’t mean that you get straight A’s because I know some people just can’t do that. Being a responsible student means trying your hardest in everything you do and always doing your best. When going through the questions I came upon the question that asked what we were good at and how we think that could contribute to RHS and society. I struggled to come up with an answer for this. I really don’t think I have any particular talent. I think I am ok at many things and I love doing a lot of things but I don’t really have any special talent. One thing that I did come up with however is that I am a dreamer. Ever since I was younger I have been a dreamer and honestly I think I always will be. I love to read and I am inspired by very simple things. Many people in today’s world just walk by the beauties of the world but something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can inspire you to do something great you just have to let it. I think the world today could use more dreamers. It was dreamers who are the true founders of the world as we know it today. My outside challenges affect my school work a lot more than they should.

I have a lot of medical issues and from being out or from side effects from medication I am not always on my best performance level which interferes with school. Having the depression that I do when you thing stresses me out I tend to shut down and block everything else out, unfortunately including my schoolwork. I have talked to my psychiatrist and we have been adjusting meds and putting me back on the ADD medicine so that it I s easier for me to just focus on school work while I’m at school, not what is going on at home. One of my biggest goals as of right now is to go to college and get my LNA and RN. Eventually I would love to get a job being a nurse practitioner at a doctor’s office or as a school nurse. I am doing everything I can to bring my grades up and take classes in summer school if I have to so I can go to Florida state college after high school. I am really starting to focus on school and my grades and my future. When I need someone to turn to for help I would probably turn to either my sister Holly or my Dad. I would turn to my sister Holly because she is going to college for the same thing but she is going at a 24 year old single mother of two young girls.

She has a lot more on her plate then me and she still does it so whenever I get stuck I just ask her for help. I look to my Dad for help because I know he will always tell me the truth. Even though the truth hurts sometimes if I ask for the truth he will give me the honest truth. I think it is perfectly ok to fail, only as long as you tried your hardest. If you try your hardest and fail, it gives you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes which is what life is all about. However, if you don’t try your hardest and you fail you don’t really know what you did wrong because you didn’t put your whole effort into it. Like I said before learning from mistakes is essential to life and mistake only come with failure so yes I think failure is necessary for success. When I think about my future I think about how many people I will be able to help. As a nurse, it will not only be my job to help make people better or take care of them but also put a smile on their face. I hope one day I will be able to have a job where I can make people who are sick or hurt smile because they know someone cares about them.

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