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Response: Grounded in the Art and its Context Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

            This painting was made by Edvard Munch in the year 1893. This painting was inspired by the event when Munch alonng with his friends took a walk on the road known as Ljabrochausséen which was now called as the Mosseveien. The painting’s real title is Der Schrei der Natur which in English translation means the scream of nature (Media, 2007).

            It is full of emotion which depicts a fear about something, the figure in the painting having a reddish background depicts a person who wanted to scream because of sudden fear or sudden rush of inexplicable emotion inside him.

According to Munch, it was through this road that emotions came overflowing through him (Media, 2007).

            A lot of researches depicted that the obra made by Munch is inspired by the autumn of the year 1891. It is said that Munch created the outstanding version of the scream in the year 1893 as part of his compiled works which depicts his life experiences; his work compilation was then called The Frieze of Life (Media, 2007).

            It is said that most of Munch’s works were based on his real life experiences which haunts him all the time. These said unforgettable experiences never stop coming through his mind as the blood-red sky which he painted on his art work The Scream (Media, 2007).

            People who studied about the artist’s journals to seek the explanation behind the blood-red sky found out that it was the volcanic eruption of the Krakatoa volcano which produced the color of the horizon during that period (Media, 2007).

            The Krakatoa volcano exploded on the year 1883 producing elements in the atmosphere (Media, 2007).

This famous painting of Munch inspired a lot of entertaining films and also artworks. Many artists created their own version of Munch Painting. One of the films inspired by Munch’s the scream painting is the suspense movie Scream Trilogy which is directed by Wes Craven. The painting also appeared in different cartoon shows such as the Simpsons and Beavis and Butt-head (EdveardMunch.Info, 2006).

            In the year 20th century, Robert fishbone created an inflatable scream. On the other hand, Andy Warhol created his own version by making a series of silk prints. Warhol’s own idea was to make Munch’s painting into a mass-reproducible object (EdveardMunch.Info, 2006).

            The Scream painting is said to be a very emotional art work. It is also said that the banalization of the figure in the painting towards popular culture can be depicted and or und

erstood as an attempt to unleash a certain emotion of unease that it arouses to a certain person who

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would visualize it.

In other words, it is explained that the image in the scream painting unleashes the fear inside a certain viewer (News, 1994).

It has been explained that the image of the figure which is a skull-like face with wide mouth in agony and despair having the background of a bloody red sunset covering the sky became an icon or a symbol of human anguish all over and across the world (News, 1994).

            In the year 1994, certain people stole the painting in from the Norwegian capital gallery in Oslo. It has been stated in the news that the painting was cut from the wall using a wire cutters and that the used cutters were left was left inside the national muse (News, 1994).

            Knut Berg whom is the director of the national museum stated that the painting cannot be valued by price because it worth too much and that it is impossible for them to sell it but then the director said that the painting stolen was the most valuable painting in Norway (News, 1994).

Of all the four versions of the scream made by Munch, the stolen one was the most valuabale. This said version was created in the year 1893 as a part of Munch compilation Frieze of Life in which paintings were created with the theme of sickness, death, and anxiety (News, 1994).

After that incident, there was an anti-abortion group who claimed that they are the ones who stole the painting but then the police involved in the investigation remained uncertain. In the year 1994 the gallery received a demand ransom to get back the painting but the board refused to give it uncertain that it might be just a bluff (News, 1994).

In 1996, there were four certain men who were captured and convicted due to the theft. In august of the year 2006, all of the stolen paintings were retrieved and placed back to the show. The Madonna along with the Scream was recovered although the paintings were a bit damaged (News, 1994).


The scream painting is made by Munch during the time that he was walking along in a certain road with friends and a certain rush of inexplicable emotion poured in him. as a result of that incident, the artist created the painting sketching an anguished looking human figure on the certain spot were he was at that period.

The painting was simple and almost undepictable but then it certainly show a person full of fear and anxiety, with its background of the horizon in the color of blood-red sky, a certain person who’ll view it will feel the loneliness, fear, and sadness of the artist which is directly imposed by the painting

The painting was used in a lot of popular toons and movies and inspired a lot of other artists. It became famous and it was also considered as the most valuable and prise-less or preacious painting in Norway.

If a certain person looks at the picture, that person will understand a part of the artist knowing that the artwork was based through a lot of unforgettable and bothering experience of the artist who made or who created the art.

A lot of person also tried to have the painting but then it was recovered and put back into show.

Because of the painting’s visual appearance; a human figure with a skull-like head and a wide mouth in angony and despair, the painting was considered to be the symbol or icon of anguish expression by certain people across and all over the world.

The painting can arouse the deepest feeling of depression and sadness that a person hides through staring and looking at it understanding what it really depicts.


MEDIA, N. T. (2007) Astronomical Sleuths Link Krakatoa to Edvard Munch’s Painting The Scream.

NEWS, B. (1994) 1994: Art thieves snatch Scream.

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