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Literary stories are often used to depict different emotions, events and conflicts in the lives of the people in the society. Through the artistic development of the elements of settings, plot, character and others, the author is able to develop a literary representation of a certain subject and present it into convincing and effective approach. For this reason that the literary subject of the story entitled Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka becomes an effective presentation of the conflicts and emotions involved in the life of its characters as they encounter a significant transformation in their lives.

            The story of Metamorphosis is centralized around the transformation of its main character (Gregor) and how he and his family deal with this crucial encounter. The metamorphosis of the main character into a human-size cockroach symbolizes the transformation of an individual into a state of uselessness becoming a heavy burden to himself and the people around him. Due to the transformation of the character, tremendous burden and challenges are levied upon his family further deteriorating their relationship with the character. Likewise, due to the said event, the character became isolated from the world negating his existence and his previous state in his society and family. All of which, became the consequence of his transformation as he transverse the downslide movement of his fate.

            The artistic characteristic of the story of Metamorphosis is likewise effective in its approach of presenting the value of the literary piece. The use of a fictional encounter in its literal means becomes an effective approach in presenting the symbolical imagery of the story. Similarly, the style and the development in the plot of the story also aid in the emphasis of the moral value of the story and added to its moving effect towards its readers. In general, the story of Metamorphosis becomes an effective literary presentation of the challenges and difficulties faced by the human beings as both individuals and social group as they encounter and adjust to changes and crucial experiences as part of their nature and characteristic of being existent human being.

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