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Every year, more and more technological improvements are being done by companies who specialize in this field. This paves way for better opportunities for workers because it would mean more jobs for them. It would also mean better economy for countries, especially those who are not as powerful and rich as the United States.

            The two articles are similar in that they both discuss globalization and how it proves to be very important in today’s business world. They both try to demonstrate how countries, especially poor ones and those that are not engaged in international trade before, have adapted to the ways of globalization because they saw how beneficial it was for its people and the whole country itself. The first article by Thomas Friedman states that “globalization has its upsides and downsides, but countries that come at it with the right institutions and governance can get the best out of it and cushion the worst.”

This means that with globalization, anything can happen but if a country is armed with the right tactics, the country would surely experience the best from globalization. The second article by the same author tries to put importance to the creation of great ideas by people because he believes that these ideas are the start of something good in terms of opportunities. If a person or a company creates an idea so great that would bring in business, nothing will be impossible, especially with globalization because they would just have to determine what should be done and who should do it to finish the task.

            Globalization has indeed made a way for countries to improve their economy and for people to come out of poverty and show their skills and abilities. They just needed to be given the right opportunity and resources to achieve this goal.

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