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My favorite restaurant concept is to create a restaurant/cafe that is friendly to the environment. The main focus of the restaurant will be to provide foods such as coffee, tea, pastries, sandwitches and at the same time focus on environment conservation. This concept resonates with my personality which is to keep my surrounding environment friendly and sustainable for future generation. Nature is very friendly and one of my dreams is to become friendly to it. The only way to appreciate nature is to conserve it and make it sustainable

The restaurant will be serving high quality foods like chicken, as well as vegetarian dishes. The setting of the restaurant will be one that is friendly to the environment, and i wish to set up at the Airport. In this aspect, The entire walls of my restaurant will be made of a transparent material like glass for purposes of illumination of the interior sections by natural light. The tables and the chairs for the restaurant will be made of materials that can easily be sustained through repair or replacement. For customer in need of disposable utensils, I will ensure that such utensils are made of renewable or biodegradable raw materials so that they are not a threat to the environment sustainability.

All the kitchen appliances that will be used in the restaurant will have to be certified for effectiveness and efficiency. Foods such as vegetables and fruits must have been organically grown while others like fish must have been supplied by farmers who use practices that are sustainable to the environment. I will deploy chefs who are masterful and experienced in preparing delicious and quality food and the restaurant itself will be furnished with modern and natural decorations. All these practices will be eco-friendly to embrace the spirit of environmental sustainability. Since the restaurant will be located at Airport, its main target customers will be passengers with all types of food interest The restaurant will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner because the concept is most likely to appeal to passengers who are waiting,passing there time environment offering strategic quality menu with a price advantage.

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