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Human resource planning – Human resource management needs to identify each job within the business and the role this job covers, this ends to be performed to understand the full amount of work that needs to be performed within the business structure. Once this is carried out the Human resource managers will understand the amount of staff it requires to hire or fire. Key areas with the business will be identified portraying that there may not be enough people working in one area e.g. production so there is a demand to employ more staff to improve production alternatively there may be to many technical staff, which results in a loss of profit so some workers need to be fired.

The trouble with human resources, people can become treated as a “human resource” rather than a person, and can be fired off as casually as they would with raw materials.

To motivate the staff and fulfil targets I believe the best solution would be to have introduced team work to under take work. This is because I believe teamwork leads to more efficient and effective production. People often respond positively to working with others because this satisfies their social needs. The result of working in teams would mean that managers would delegate responsibility to teams; I feel this would boast employee’s self- actualisation needs, with them now feeling that they hold a position with meaning boasting their egos.

Team work allows strengths of one person to cover another one’s weakness while that person may make up for it by having a greater strength than that person in an other area, the advantage of this is that the work can be performed with a higher quality resultant, but be able to be performed equally or quicker than the task was previously. Team work will allow a person to develop new skills, gain respect from workers, and provide them with more variety in completing the production of a product therefore preventing boredom.

Therefore to make a team work successfully the managers must relate to the staff by listening and allowing them to contribute to decisions and new ideas.

To achieve the company must have a positive successful culture. This company’s culture must be clear to all the staff and identify its aims and objectives, the culture must portray the organisation structure in this case the structure will work with fewer layers of supervisory management and more delegation of authority to teams. Staff training must be identified and kept up to date meeting the staff and technological needs.

In conclusion the culture must boast and encourage staff, helping to motivate them bringing out the best in them.

For this company to succeed it must work along side a democratic and team based management, this allows views of subordinates to be taken into account as well as decision being made by teams rather than workers being told what to do by supervisors.

Our targets must be Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and have a time span.

Organisational Structure

Planned changes –

1) Team work to be developed into production.

2) Sales and marketing – Currently each base has its own sales and marketing sector I feel it would be in the company’s best interest if each sector were to meet regularly on a weekly bases either by phone call or face to face meetings, the reasons for this are that currently Delius Designs has spent 3 months designing similar products at different factory’s therefore one out of the two factory’s have wasted the company’s time and money which will have resulted in a loss of profit.

This could have bin solved by each factory discussing and identify new ideas therefore research into making one of the products would not clash with another factory’s ideas therefore would save money and one of the many factory’s would go on to investigate and create an idea, therefore no ideas in production would overlap and each factory would be able to research its on individual products. The marketing structure should also work on a like to like bases as it would speed up on decision making and new and original ideas could be invented as well as ideas being traded.

3) Purchasing – could be narrowed down and more bulk buying come into the company, by each factory meeting the company could make larger whole orders which would therefore provide a greater bulk buy and save money causing fixed cost to reduce.

4) Administration – admin would be more beneficial to the company if it were to discuss its progress with other factory’s. Discussion would allow the company to identify areas within all the factory’s of weakness within the company, if meetings were regular any problems would easily be visible and due to the problem being seen in the short term rather than the long it would be easily rectified and therefore could save the company from making a loss of profit as it has done currently.

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