Retail theft and the concequences Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Retail theft is a crime! The defination according to states “retail-the sale of goods or commodities in small quantities directly to consumers” and “theft-The act of stealing; specifically, the felonious taking and removing of personal property, with an intent to deprive the rightful owner of the same; larceny,” in short this means stealing goods from a consumer. Retail theft causes alot of problems with the community and economy. It can also get you in alot of trouble!

When people steal from a consumer, the consumer is forced to raise their prices. This will effect parents,moms,dads, aunts, uncles,grandparents, and/or care takers.It well cause them to pay more money for common everyday items. One out of tweleve people walking into a store could be a shop lifter! Retail theft is most common with adults, out of them fifty-five percent of them started when they were teens. In alot of cases poeple shoplift for attention, or because they are stressed. There are some people who steal to resale the items they stole, this is called a professional shoplifter. They are addicted to stealing, it is almost like being addicted t

o a drug. It is a way of life for them, it is how they make their money. Overall it effects everyone

you know. If your care takers spend an average of two hundred and fifty dollars on food a week, and someone steals two hundread and fifty dollars of merchendise, the price of food will go up. This effects you the most because if you wanted to buy something that last month cost five dollars now costs six, now you are spending more money on things. Noone gets anything from stealing.

Retail theft isnt just fun and games, it is very serious, and should not be taken lightly! You will get in a lot of trouble when you get caught stealing! There are many consiguences for retail theft. You might have to pay a fine, return everything you stole and pay a fine on top of that! Not to mention how much trouble you get in with your parents! When the store owner wants to press charges you get in even more trouble! The police get involved and depending on how much you stole you could be charged with a misdermeanor one, two or three! A misdermeanor is all kinds of crimes, it is not as serious as a felony but it is still very serious. Misdermeanor one is the most serious out of the three misdermeanors, an example of a misdermeanor one is fighting and causing extreme damages to the person you fought with, or going into a bank without a gun and taking all the money ( the examples i used i got from an officer i called). A misdermeanor two charge is fighting but not causing as much pain and suffering to the victim, but still serious enough to get in trouble! Misdermeanor three is the least serious of the misdermeanors, an example would be stealing a candy bar, or fighting but noone was hurt. All the misdermeanors are extremely serious! The last type of charge is a summary, this is the least serious of charges.

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