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In this paper I will give a brief description of my reasons for returning to school and I will also, analyze some of the experiences I had in the past while attending a community college. I graduated from Coahoma County High School in June of 1998. In the fall of 2000 I attended Coahoma Community College. While in school at Coahoma I was never interested in doing any school work or attending any classes. Going to college for me was all about having fun. I never could understand anything that my teachers were talking about. I would often go to class and try to grasp the concept of what they were teaching and things for me took a wrong turn.

I eventually dropped out of college. It took me about 10 years to decide to return to school. My soul purpose for returning to school is my three children. When I was younger I didn’t have any responsibilities. Now that I am thirty-two years old I look back at all the time and years that I wasted doing nothing and playing around. Having my children has made me want to better the person that I am and to become a better provider for my children. My oldest son asked me if I wanted to finish school. I told him one day but, right now I had to focus on them. He said why can’t you do both you are smarter than you think. At that moment I knew that

I needed to further my education. I never thought, out of all these years it took a 12 year old child to bring me to my senses. Now that I have begun school it has inspired me to help others, they may have the same opportunities that I have today. Since enrolling at Ashford I have not only become a better student but, a better person. I am also motivated to graduate because I hope to obtain a degree in Criminal Justice. I know that I would make a good investigator and enjoy the challenge of that job. Though some of my friends think that I am too old to return to school, my family is very supportive of my decision to earn a degree and I have learned that this type of support will help me succeed in life. In conclusion, I have discussed my reasons for returning to school. I also, analyzed some of the experiences I had in the past while attending a community college. Lastly, I hope that the knowledge I will gain during this experience and course will make me successful as I continue my education.

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