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Which is the least expensive edition of Vista that can use the Aero user interface? Vista Home Premium
Which three editions of Vista allow you to join a domain on a network? Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions
Are there any editions of Vista that does not include the Network and Sharing Center? No
Which edition of Windows XP supports 64-bit applications?
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Which was the first Windows OS to come with Internet Explorer embedded in the OS? Windows XP
What is the maximum amount of RAM that 32-bit Vista Ultimate can address? 4 GB
What is the maximum amount of RAM that 64-bit Vista Home Premium can address? 16 GB
Can you perform an upgrade installation of Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Home Premium? No
Can you use the upgrade DVD of Windows Vista Home Premium to perform a clean install on a PC that already has Windows XP Professional installed? Yes
What is the minimum amount of RAM needed to install Windows Vista? 512 MB
How much space on the hard drive does it take to install Windows Vista? 15 GB
If you are trying to set up a dual boot between Windows XP and Windows Vista, which OS do you install first? Windows XP
How do you start the process to reinstall an OS on a laptop computer using the backup files stored on a recovery partition? Press a key combination at the beginning of the boot.
What are examples of two applications that can create virtual machines? Virtual PC and VMware
If you suspect a PC is infected with a virus, why is it not a good idea to perform an upgrade installation of Windows rather than a clean install? The virus might carry into the new installation
Explain the difference between the Windows boot partition and the Windows system partition. The system partition is the active partition that contains the OS boot record. The boot partition contains the Windows folder and files needed to complete loading Windows. What is the minimum number of partitions required in a system to set up a dual boot with Windows XP and Windows Vista? Two

What is the name of the domain controller database used by Windows Server 2008? Active Directory
What are the two commands used by the User State Migration tool? Scanstate and loadstate
To use the User State Migration tool, how must a computer connect to the network? Connect through a Windows domain
Can you install Vista as an upgrade to Windows XP if you boot the system using the Vista DVD? No, you must first start the installation from within Windows XP. What file system does Vista use for the Windows volume?

Are you required to enter the product key during the Vista installation? during the XP installation? No, Yes
After a Windows installation, what is the easiest way to determine that you have Internet access? Open Internet Explorer and browse to a Web site.
How many days do you normally have after a Vista or XP installation to activate the OS? 30 days
In which folder does Vista Home Premium, 64-bit version, install 32-bit programs? \Program Files (x86)
In which folder does Vista Home Premium, 64-bit version, install 64-bit programs? \Program Files
What mode of operation can be used to correct a problem with a Windows 98 application installed on a Windows Vista computer? Compatibility mode
What is the difference between the two installation programs, Winnt.exe and Winnt32.exe? Winnt.exe is a 16-bit program and Winnt32.exe is a 32-bit program What is the maximum character length of a path (folders and filenames) that will carry forward into a Windows XP installation? 256 characters

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