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Review of Related Studies Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

This chapter will show about the related literature and studies that helped the researchers in making the proposed system. These several studies have been made using computers as a reliable tool to shorten the processing time and increase the service efficiency. 2.1. Foreign/Local Literature Selwyn Clyde Alojipan, (May 1989). Information technology new and more powerful ways of handling data through greater computer memory, faster data processing time, more sophisticated system designs, and a wider array of user interface devices and user friendly. A software which will vastly improve the office and other place of work. There are just few of the power technologies brought about by the information revolution. Montalban, Diana Ruth, (June 1996).

The new Information Society is here and now and developing at a phenomenal rate. The advent of the computer age provided the technology to store, process, and reformat information according to varied specifications to suit different purposes. State of the art technologies, without the slightest inclination as to how to start researching on a subject, the difference in the novice’s time involvement as compared to the specialist’s time who researches similar information on a routine basis, is remarkable. The novice would take weeks where the specialist t

akes less than an hour. According to FASTRAK the reservation and billing system of their company are

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designed with a minimal number of screens for simplicity. Erez Internet reservation system is operated by FASTRAK. This Erez can provide forms for single and multiple reservations for clients. Posting or editing client charges/ fees is one of the features of FASTRAK Billing and Reservation System.

The billing system of FASTRAK provides data security for authorization. Another feature of FASTRAK system is it can create a summary report. The researcher adapted the concept of FASTRAK to provide a data security specially posting or editing client charges/ fees. The user maintenance includes password, client’s information and prices of cottages and service. [http://myfastrak.com/features.asp]

RAS is of the most flexible and configurable scheduling and reservation software solution available. From factory floor scheduling of machines to guest house room reservation with customer billing, the same software is used. Within RAS you can see the room types that you avail. RAS supports resource group; hence you can define any number of room types, for example single room, twin rooms, double rooms and executive suite. Each room type belongs to a price band, making billing of the reservation simple and automatic. The billing portion of RAS is automatically, once it has been setup, the user can make manual alteration to the customer billing for special events and entering deposit and receipts. RAS provides fully customized reporting functionalities, from these reports it is easy to generate invoice and booking confirmation notices for customer. [http://www.sourcesoftware.co.uk/ras/]

2.2 Foreign/Local Studies
Cymbeline R. Villamin (June 1994). Demand for user friendly interfaces. Cheaper and very powerful personal computers are now available in the market because of this, more people want to avail for the comfort and efficiency that this technology offers.

Aizon D. Allan (August 1993). “Reservation and Billing System of Lantaka Hotel by the Sea”. The advantage of the proposed system is speed in executing reservation process and the system is presentable to the eye of the user that the user will enjoy operating the system.

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