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If you have finished studying some books, be ready to receive the task to write reviews essays. You will have to analyze the literary work from different aspects. Don’t try to embrace all the subtleties of the plot in one essay. Narrow down your topic to make it focused on one or several aspects of the book.

Writing a review requires objectivity. You have to research to compare different viewpoints about the same literary work. Begin your paper with telling who the author is, and which book you are going to analyze. Then, you need to focus your writing on an explicit message. Single out which motifs, symbols, stylistic features, themes, characters, or other aspects of your thesis statement. In the main body add examples, quotations to prove your tentative objective.

You can write a review of any book. If you wish, we can help you with this so that you won’t spend time on doing this task. Ask any questions about the price and deadlines online and make your order.


CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Butterflies inside the stomach, heart beating faster, and always looking for his presence are one of the signs that you are in love. Many people say that love is like a thread

Film Review Romeo and Juliet

Everyone knows the famous William Shakespeare and his famous plays and poems; including his most successful play, Romeo and Juliet! Well… now it’s been transformed from stage to screen!! Romeo and Juliet is a film about two lovers who can’t

Movie Review: Much Ado About Nothing

This comedy, written by the famous playwright William Shakespeare, begins in the small town Messina in Italy. Governor Leonato is awaiting Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, and his men. Among them are the brothers Senior Benedick and Senior Claudio. Claudio

"Much ado about Nothing" Review

Much Ado About Nothing is a play that focuses on the relationships between men and women. It is a Shakespearean comedy therefore the themes revolving around the play include struggle, love, deceit, mishaps and lies. In this play there are

Literature Review about Training Outsourcing

Training Outsourcing has become a very popular amongst the training cycles during the last decade. A recent study appearing in Fortune Magazine (May, 2004) showed that outsourcing among U.S. companies is up 50% from four years ago and growing 15%-20%

Writing a Historical Book Review

Writing a book review as an assignment in a history course is designed to promote at least four important objectives: (1) effective writing, (2)) substantive knowledge about a particular historical topic, (3) the development of a historical perspective and an

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