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Introduction of TOPIC

Through interpreting Revolutionary Road with Feminist Film Theory, we can assume that Mendes has reason for underlining this outlook on women throughout the film. One could interpret that he is doing this to question the themes of patriarchy, stereotyping and the Male Gaze Theory. The way that Mendes allows these themes to be so blatantly obvious within the film almost gives the impression that he is purposefully contradicting the idea of male superiority that was so present in 1950s American society.

Still, Revolutionary Road is a modern view on a past time, so there is relevance between Mendes’s outlook on these themes existing in America today, and how these themes are applied in Revolutionary Road’s 1950’s setting. Does this go on to further imply that in this modern day society we are still having to face similar issues considering aspects of patriarchy, stereotyping and the Male Gaze Theory? Furthermore, does reading this film with Feminist Film Theory in mind leave the viewer with a positive outlook on the supposed ‘equality’ between both males and females in society, or do we go on to question if the problems are still present today…?

However, through interpreting Revolutionary Road with Auteur Theory and comparing and contrasting it with American Beauty it is palpable that Mendes has both obsessions and repeated themes. I mainly looked into how Mendes explored the concept of home.Through various camera techniques in both films he revealed himself as fairly pessimistic towards the idea of the ‘nuclear family household’ and the viewer is left with the feeling that the ‘American Dream’ is something that doesn’t exist. After interpreting Revolutionary Road and American Beauty with Auteur Theory the viewer is left with a question, what is it that defines a home? What’s more, does ‘home’ exist at all?

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