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Rfid Based Library Borrowing and Organizer System Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

As of the present, the borrowing transaction in the library is done manually in the sense of recording student’s info as well as the books info in paper. All of those are done manually, one book at a time. Monitoring book movement in the library can be difficult at times which makes book organizing hard, and the lack of book monitoring may also lead to missing or stolen books. We would want to reduce the loss of school Library books which are a big help in our student’s studies, and because of that we had an idea to create our thesis project the RFID Based Library Borrowing and Organizer Our project the RFID Based Library Borrowing and Organizer system will help reduce those problems.

Having a secure exit door that has a RFID sensor that will detect RFID tagged books and intelligently decide if the exiting book is allowed to exit or not, activating an alarm if the book is not allowed to exit the library. Havi

ng a wireless handheld device that will help in organizing books in the library by scanning books in

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the shelves and giving information if some books are missing or misplaced, A Desk scanner that will be used in the borrowing, adding, and returning of books at the library. The project posses a database for all the information needed in the borrowing and organizing process of the library, and lastly, tagging library books with low cost passive RFID tags that will become the heart of our project.

This documentation is a guide for the readers what to expect on the proposed project. The first chapter of this documentation you will read about the statement of the problem containing the problems which the proponents will try to create a solution to solve the said problems, current state of technologies which will be compared to our own project and show the differences. And the last part of the first chapter is the Objectives this part of the first chapter contains the things to be done to be able to solve the statement of the problem.

Second Chapter contains Theoretical Framework which contains the methodology used, the activities and phases of the development of the proponent’s project and the proponent’s experiences in the development of the project.

Third Chapter contains the process of how the group came up with the design, the system design specification that has all the schematic diagrams, PCB layout, Physical Layout, Block diagram, flow charts, and state transition diagram.

Fourth Chapter contains the performance Analysis of the project, it also contains the tests performed and on each module to find any irregularities that might affect the projects performance. Fifth and final chapter contains the conclusion and recommendation to further improve the project.

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