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RFP Bidder’s Conference Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. Why is vendor attendance at the RFP Bidder’s Conference mandatory as a requirement to respond to the RFP itself? You can get the answer to the question you ask and you find out any new updates to the RFP, check out the other contract bidders (see who you are competing against) what questions they are asking, something you might have missed. 2. If your firm is interested in partnering or sub-contracting with another firm, how should you go about doing this? Make sure that they meet all the requirements and they are not listed on the RFP exempt list. 3. From the moment your firm obtains the RF document, how should your firm review the RF and prepare a list of questions in time for the RFP Bidder’s Conference? Form a team and each person who has a specialty is assigned a certain part of the RFP to dissect and respond to, and then after all personal get together and review the requirements. 4. Why is it a good idea to have a high-level project plan mapped to the RFP’s Scope of Work? To better help fulfill the RFP requirements.

5. Why do organizations ask the RFP responder to craft a narrative pertaining to their understanding of the services desired? Why this project is necessary; what are the agency’s objectives? It presents the facts and evidence that support the need for the project and establishes that your business understands the problems and, therefore, can reasonably address them.

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