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If words are a rappers tools for success, then that’s exactly what Lupe Fiasco did when he wrote his latest video “Bitch Bad”. Lupe in this song is blatantly explaining that the word bitch should never be used to describe or feature any women. Thus Lupe starts the song off “Bitch Bad, Women Good, Lady Better, They misunderstood”. When Lupe said women better, he meant that calling a women “bitch” is a term that should not be used to associate a lady with, and that the women is the right term and even the word lady is a higher step. But to understand Lupe we have to track back the origin of how the word “bitch” is used in rap music.

The Kairotic action that motivated Lupe too even have a video would have to relate to all the negative influences that videos in the past have shown demeaning women. With rap music changing now back in the 90s rappers didn’t as often refer to women as a bad bitch, but with all the new videos endorsing this new urban lingo it’s hard to ignore. When for example we have a rapper named Webbie who has written a song called Bad Bitch, in the video it’s exactly what you’d expect to see form a song entitled “Bad Bitch”.

The video takes set in a mansion somewhere in Miami and shows a quantity of good looking women in bathing suits dancing around and showing off their body’s to prove that she’s a bad bitch. This is only one example of many, Nelly’s “Tip Drill” video, Lil Jon and the east side boys “Get Low” video, these videos all have something to do with not showing respect to women and just trampling over them and referring to them as nothing more than a “Bad Bitch”. This cultural trend of calling a female bitch and letting the youth know is one of the issues that Lupe tackles in this video and needs to be heard by all.

The Ethos that’s shown in Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” is mostly revolving around character and values. Lupe may have had the means to tell his audience to have character and values that you should pass on to your children. Lupe’s character has always seemed to me that he’s not your average rapper, when other rappers were having half-naked women all around them and pleasing them to their whims, Lupe was talking about his childhood and how he used to skateboard and ride with his friends. Never have I seen women in Lupe’s video’s degrading their selves; Lupe has even had an interview once explaining that he will never do that to his fans that are of younger age. So when I hear Lupe on this track I can fell that he’s very serious about this, he’s an artist who has a lot of passion for what he does and I can appreciate that notion. The only thing about this piece is that Lupe is only one sided in this argument, he’s really not trying to hear any of the oppositions arguments and sort of declares his right.

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