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Philosophy as the Trolley Problem

Imagine this scenario: You are walking near a trolley car track when you see five people tied to the tracks. In the next moment, you see a trolley racing towards them, out of control, and impossible to stop. A signal

The Concept of the Right Stuff

Introduction As the title reads, The Right Stuff is all about having the right stuff, in other words, the right elements needed for a particular situation. The concept of this book therefore is the right stuff, having it or not

Ethical Subjectivism

Introduction While morality is generally accepted to pertain to the distinction between good and evil or what is right or wrong, the varying and even conflicting bases for moral judgments and ethical philosophies lead the authors of “The Elements of

Debriefing Report

Agent Horowitz just received a phone call from Supervisor Agent Fallon that Mr. Alex Rosamilla is in state custody for transporting 100 kilos of cocaine. He is now being transferred into federal custody. Supervisor Fallon asks Agent Horowitz to debrief

The Grey Areas of Right and Wrong

In this world, at times, it is hard to decipher right from wrong. In some parts of the world certain things are just plain unacceptable and others are okay. Where as on the other side of the world the thing

For Imposing Taxes on us Without our Consent

The section of the Declaration of Independence titled “The Charges Against the King is extremely important. The English Declaration of Rights included a similar section, so without indicating the revolutions’ causes it would have been very difficult to justify independence.

Starnes-Brenner Machine Tool Company

The Starnes-Brenner Machine Tool Company of Iowa City, Iowa, has a small one-man sales office headed by Frank Rothe in Latino, a major Latin American country. Frank has been in Latino for about 10 years and is retiring this year;

Reasons against capital punishment

Capital punishment is also called the death penalty. It refers to the legal process where a criminal is put to death by the state, to act as a punishment for a crime that they have committed. The judgment of the


Prior to Human Right Act 1998, European Convention Human Rights were not directly applied by the courts and while there were infringements of the rights enshrined in the ECHR an application have to make to the Strasbourg Court when domestic

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