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Ever since 2000, RIM has applied various strategies in order to grow their business and improve their conducting operations. They knew that the industry they are involved is a dynamic industry where they should always change and envolve .In 2001, the RIM network was disputabaly slow, as their technology required the devices to be always connected to the server, however they were aware of their limitation of its network and decided to patnership with Lucent Technologies Inc to support upcoming wireles standards. As the world was going globalization, they went on to penetrate the international market with development of an international smartphone for their enterprise to be not left behind by competitors. In November 2004, in order to grow their business, they partnered with Sprint Corp, with this move RIM network was available in all major US service providers, this gave customers more choices to choose their prefered service provider hence increase their market share. RIM has also used acquisition as one of their strategies to grow their businness, some of the companies they have aquired are Certicom Corp, a cryptography company, Newbay, a online media editing platform and Jaycut, to add video editing applications to the Blackberry.

All these aquistion was intended to incresease customer satisfaction and customer experience and gain a competitive advantage.The company’s service BBM is the biggest niche to the company as it is availabe to only RIM’s Blackberry devices , the Blackberry Messenger is one of the reason of the company’s development in the first place and used by many government and private corporation officialy for communication .In this way , RIM has develop an exclusivety and differentiation to their brand .In June 2012 , Blackberry anounced that they will be laying off employees in order to save $1 Billion by the end of fiscal 2013 in order to cut operating expenses , as the company is losing its market share to Apple and Android-based devices.

In 2011 , after the Blackberry service crashed which affected millions of Blackberry users worlwide for 3 days , RIM offered users apps worth 63 sterling pounds as a compensations, this action was a move in order to keep their current loyal customers .RIM entered the multiplatform mobile mobile device management marketplace for its enterprise clients that connect all Blacberry , Android and Apple devices . This is the first time RIM has lauched an application for cross platform communication and marks the acceptance of change of the industry as competitors have already developed applications that enables user of multi-platform communication.

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