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Riordan Manufacturing

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The most appropriate organizational structure for Riordan Manufacturing to implement a new customer management system would be a bureaucratic style. A bureaucratic organization relies on standardizing work processes for coordination and control. A bureaucracy runs by having highly routine operating tasks upheld through formalized rules and regulations. The biggest strength of a bureaucracy is the ability to perform standardized activities efficiently. This would work well for Riordan Manufacturing because everyone would follow the same guidelines to implementing their customer information. Everyone would be on the same page in the input of the customer information and this would make it easier to understand the information when needed. Other types of structures, like the matrix structure, would operate against the Riordan Manufacturing Company because it would have different departments doing different things with the customer information. A company’s culture is influenced by who they hire.

Founders hire people like themselves because they think like them. Company culture is also relayed to the employees by the company telling them what is expected of them in the way of thinking and feeling within the company. Finally, company culture is influenced by the founder’s or boss’ own behavior. Riordan’s mission is to lead the industry in using polymer materials and provide solutions to their customer’s challenges. They want to help their customers with their challenges rather than be a part of the challenge. Riordan values an innovative and work oriented environment. They make sure their employees are well informed and properly supported in their work. Riordan bases its employment decisions on merit, qualifications, and abilities.

They seem to be a fair company with regards to discrimination of any kind and to be committed to fair dealing and ethical conduct with its employees. Riordan values employees with high standards of conduct and personal integrity. Riordan values their employees by offering them a good health benefit package. The employees seem to be reasonably happy with the corporate culture at Riordan. A survey of employee satisfaction showed that most employees of Riordan Manufacturing are reasonable satisfied with their job and there is a relatively low turnover of employees.

Describe how you will evaluate the success or failure of the planned change.

You will have employees that will tend to resist change, because of dislike of changes, habits, and comfort. Implementing a new plan over a 12- month period, will allow management and employees time to switch to the new plan. and become comfortable will tend to minimize any issues and concerns. There will be a monthly meeting that will include a time line in the beginning to discuss any concerns, comments, and positive comments about the new plan and how switching over is going to help. Management is trying to make this change as smooth has possible for the employees. The next 12-months all the changes will be implementation of the new customer first implementation of the new customer management strategy will then become a sense of urgency by the use of the opportunities. These opportunities allow the employees to understand the rationale that’s behind the change. Once the established the urgency a work group will be selected to help with the change by providing a collation of experience that it takes to implement a new customer management system. The steps will have a time line of completion to ensure that the implementation of the new system can be completed within a 12-month period.

There will be data entry, training of the new system implemented so that any obstacles will be advised. After the data is entered into the new system the employees will execute the implementation of the new management, then performance evaluates to ensure the customer management system will show the results expected by the company. In the evaluation you will look to see if all of the implementation has been done correctly. If it has been done with success you will have a good evaluation. If it has some failures on some of the implementation you will go through what is wrong and find a process to change what is wrong. This could be very easy depending on what is being done wrong. You can go back to the implementation process and have the employees follow the exact steps to complete the process correct. If you have finished products that need re-done you will have to start back at step one and have to re-work the process the right way. Once all of the processes are followed correctly then the review process is over and you know that you have implemented the changes in the correct manor and the task has been a success.

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