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Rising Number of Single Fathers Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

In the past the way of society and the way of the judicial system was that when parents split up the children would always stay with their mother. Unless there was something seriously mentally wrong with the mother and the mother could be proven to be abusive or an all-around bad parent. In today’s time it is actually being the exact opposite of this taking place because mothers are being proven unfit and the fathers are more responsible. The psychological impact only the families are definitely enough to start a whole new era of psychological research and new experiments to be hatched.

Past Three Years

In the past three years the number of single parent homes in which the father is the single parent has risen 25 percent (W.P., 1988). This definitely shows and proves that society and the judicial system has come to the conclusion that not only is fathers capable of being good parents but fathers are capable of being good parents on their own. The biggest point of there being more single fathers is the fact that the fathers are more actively seeking custody of their children. Also mothers agreeing with the judgment of the judges about the father being more capable of taking care of the children (W.P., 1988). In the 1970’s fathers were a single parent in one home out of every ten (W.P., 1988). In the 1980’s the numbers had risen to one in every six households (W.P., 1988). In this decade the number of homes that have a s

ingle parent household that is a father as the single parent is now at an amazing 2.1 million in the


Psychological Research

The grounds of why fathers are being set up as single parent homes are enough to be researched on its own. In societies view it has always been the mother who has taken care of the children if the parents split up. But there are an increasing number of fathers who are stepping up and becoming the single parent and this definitely leaves research to be done on exactly how society feels about men stepping up and becoming the single parent. It also opens the doors to psychological research on how the father being the single parent has and will affect the children in the situation. The effect of the father raising the children can have a toll on the children but it can also cause some negative peer pressure from the other children around them. The psychological impact on both parents is an issue also with researching.

There are many avenues that can be looked at in this special situation and much psychological research that can be conducted in order to see the mental, emotional, and societal impact that can take place with the father being the single parent and care giver of the children. This is an issue that reaches more than just the single parent home. This also affects the families that are around the single parent and the children. This is also an issue that has to deal with society and how society feels about the situation at hand.

How is the reversed role supposed to be dealt with? How do the individuals around the father and the children help them to cope and deal with everything that comes along with being in a single parent home and dealing with all the actions and the reactions of others around them about the role reversal and the father actually being the primary care giver of the children? Some individuals are still stuck in the past and will have problems with the situation simply because it is not of the norm and it is not how things have always been done. But in the end I would think that as long as the best interest of the children is what is being done and all the people involved strive for the best then the issue should be accepted by all in family, and also in society.

The, W. P. (1998, Dec 13). NUMBER OF SINGLE FATHERS WITH KIDS AT HOME RISES. The Commercial Appeal. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/393826134?accountid=458

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