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Rizal, a True Hero? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

When we have seen the video that our Professor shown us, I remember my Cousin told me about Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal being compared. Would it be fair for these two personalities that are extremely opposite to be compared? Would it be fair for a rich man to be compared by a poor man? Would it also be fair for a poor man being compared with a rich man? Would it be fair for a doctor to be compared by a farmer? Would it be fair too to a farmer to be compared by a doctor? Where is fairness if an educated man who attained the higher degree of education being compared to a man who didn’t even finished high school and vice versa. r. If Rizal and Bonifacio would still be alive, definitely, they don’t want to be compared. As a student who had undergone studies about the life, role, principle in life and belies of the two heroes. I may absolutely and firmly stand on NOT to COMPARE Rizal and Bonifacio.

They do have different ways on fighting and releasing their suppression about Spanish Government. But as we all know they do have also different background. They do have their own traits and values that marks in our mind. We should respect their differences and similarities. Besides what makes them hero is their o

wn self including their differences. Come to think of it. But one thing I am sure of, that these two

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personalities have in common, they are both brave and great heroes of their time. They both wanted freedom for the Filipinos that long been controlled by the Spaniards. So, do not compare and stop using each other’s weaknesses and flaws in order to put down one another. Who wants to be compared anyway? First of all we should clarify the meaning of a hero to make it quite simple to understand how Rizal became one. A hero symbolizes goodness. Rizal gave us freedom by using goodness. Jose Rizal became the Philippine national hero because he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. He expressed his love for the Philippines through his novels, essays and articles rather than through the use of force or aggression. He was a very amazing person at his time.

He was humble, fighting for reforms through his writings instead of through a revolution. He used his intelligence, talents and skills in a more peaceful way rather than the aggressive way. Come to think of it. But one thing I am sure of, that these two personalities have in common, they are both brave and great heroes of their time. They both wanted freedom for the Filipinos that long been controlled by the Spaniards. So, do not compare and stop using each other’s weaknesses and flaws in order to put down one another Dr. Jose Rizal’s contributions like La Solidaridad, Noli Me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo are very important to us, Filipinos because without it we will not have courage to defend our rights against the cruelty of the Spaniards. His works and contributions gave us hope, determination and inspiration to love and serve our country whole-heartedly. He also gave services and helped other people at his time of hardships in the hands of the Spaniards.

As a man, I see Rizal with a big passion to serve and fight for the rights of his country. Too many people, Rizal may be our national hero, but he is also a person like us. He made mistakes, he experienced true love, and he was tempted and suffered in great sadness. Rizal, as a man is not discussed in the classroom, but Rizal as a hero was.

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