Road Accidents in Malaysia: Some Contributing Factors Essay Sample


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Malaysia aims to become a developed country by 2020. This aim is achievable due to its rapid development especially in its economic growth. With the current development in economy, the country continues to experience an increase in the population which has now stood to 27.7 million people (according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2009). The population expansion has eventually increased the number of people who owned vehicles, and at

and at the same time has unfortunately experienced a permanent increase in the number of road accidents. There are at least three contributors for traffic accidents in this country and they are motorcyclists, vehicle occupants and alcohol use.

The first cause of road accidents in Malaysia concerns the motorcyclists. It is recorded that the number of accidents between 1990 and 2007 involving motorcycles is the highest i.e. about 111,598 or 56% of the total number of road accidents in Malaysia in 2007 (Majlis Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia, 2004-2008). In any road accidents involving motorcycles, the chances of motorcyclists and pillion riders of getting hurt like head injuries, are great. This could be avoided if the motorcyclists wear motorcycle helmets which are of certified quality such as helmets certified by SIRIM. In addition, motorcycle riders should also strap their helmets correctly to ensure that their heads are well protected in the event of a crash. Furthermore, the use of full face helmets could also avoid injuries to the face during accidents. Thus, it is important that motorcyclists follow all the safety guidelines for the purpose of protecting themselves from road accidents.

The second cause of road accidents involves the vehicle occupants. This group consists of the drivers and the passengers. Between January and July 2008, the number of deaths involving car driver and passenger in Malaysia is 786. There are many reasons for the deaths among car drivers and passengers during accidents. One of them is because many drivers and passengers did not wear seat belts when they are in the car. Statistics have shown that seat belts could reduce the chance of injury if they are worn properly. Furthermore, air bags installed in a car could also save the lives of vehicle occupants since they inflate automatically in the event of collision. Because of this, the Malaysian government has made it compulsory for new vehicles to be installed with this safety kit.

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