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The movie I chose was Legally Blonde. Just like anyone else Elle Woods wanted to be accepted or like by someone. Rather if that’s by their parent(s), friend, or boyfriend/girlfriend. Elle was a normal young lady, who is petite, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not only did she have the looks, but she was also rich. But she portrayed as a dumb blonde. So once her boyfriend broke up with her, Elle went and join Harvard Law School, in order to get Warner back. Once into Law School, you can’t miss all the disputes, self-disclosure, and power amongst each characters. In my paper, I will share my opinion on what the movie is showing about communication, analyze the role of communication between each characters and their relationship, as well as power and conflict issues. Vivian Kensington and Elle Woods first met each other in class, but didn’t realize they had one thing in common, which was Warner. When Warner introduce Vivian and that they are engage, you can start to see the tension amongst them. Elle start to act jealous of Warner and Vivian relationship.

Therefore in the beginning, Elle and Vivian doesn’t have good communication skills. Elle and Vivian both feel threatened towards each other, Vivian start to say things about Elle to others, in order to make Elle look bad. But once Vivian find out that Elle wasn’t a bad person, they finial was able to set and talk. They were able to sit and listen to each other without any problems, as they sit and listening to each other, they grew to know each other. While all this was taken place, Elle and Vivian talking, etc… Warner is feeling lost between the two women. He still have feelings for Elle but he’s engaged to Vivian. Instead of Warner expressing himself, he just hold them in and do what others expect him to do. Close to the end of the movie, once Vivian and Elle communicated, they were able to understand each other and they became good friends, and sooner or later Vivian breaks the engagement of too Warner.

When the first power point hit in the movie, it was when Warner feels he’s better than Elle, because he goes to Harvard and that’s somewhere that Elle may not get accepted because she wasn’t as start as him. Power point (2) was when Warner and Vivian became in engage, she felt she was on top of the winner circle for being engage to Warner. Another great part of the movie I find very powerful, was when Elle became the attorney for Brooke Windham, which was on trial for the murder of her husband. In the beginning Elle feels very afraid, but she gain her confidence and won the case. With this big win not only did Elle gain confidence, she also receive power, which was the two main things she was lacking when she first enter into law school. Main conflicts took place within the entire movie. Many were big and some were small. The first of many conflict was when Elle and Vivian first met. Next was when Elle’s teacher tried to make moves on her. But the one I feel was the biggest of all conflicts was the on Elle was battling within herself.

In her eyes she wanted to provide to everyone that she could make it into Harvard Law School, but in order to do this she had to stop doubting herself first. Therefore, when Elle met this guy name Emmett, he help Elle to gain some self-esteem for herself. With his help, this help Elle want to do better and win the case she was handling as the attorney for Brooke which was charged with murder. With her new found self-esteem, this made Elle want to win the case, and show off to everyone that she was not, the dumb girl everyone made her out to be. Throughout the movie Elle, showed some self-disclosure. She talk about her marrying Warner. She even speaks about her thoughts, and feelings. As well right off hand, she makes it known that she was the president of her sorority, and that she have a degree in fashion. I feel that in this movie, we can see what type of person Elle really is. I feel that Vivian doesn’t show forth her self-disclosure.

She shows off as the tough girl, the one you don’t want to fool with or make mad, but under all that tough skin, she felt threaten of Elle. Close to the end, they all get to know what she was really like. I also feel that Warner was the only character that doesn’t show much about himself to others, He mostly wanted to fit in with his family and not disappoint them, so he forgets about his own goals. In which this movie again, and with now paying attention to pointers to look for, I believe that communication was not there best points at times. And with the lack of communication that’s what cause many of the conflict with each characters. Each character felt if they didn’t need to communicate with each other so they didn’t know much about one another, and really didn’t care to learn anything about the other person at first.

But once Vivian and Elle, started to communicate with each other as stated earlier, they became good friends. With them opening up and talking and finding our info about each other, this shows that with communication you can gain a good friend in the end. The movie really shows how, when you learn to listen and not just be so judgmental things can change. Therefore, communication is the key to everything we encounter, because without communication, you can never learn anything about the other person, all you will have is judgmental thoughts that you made up on your own. And we can’t be like this in our field, or like this towards anyone, because as my mother always so knowledge is power, and when we lack the knowledge of getting to know someone then we give our power to our thoughts that was taking control of how we feel about someone.

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