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This paper will focus on the internal make-up and the wellbeing of the Kirkland Regional Medical Center. The center is a company that enables its customers to pick and choose their own physicians or special care team such as Cardiologist or Internal Medicine. Currently, there are three sister facilities affiliated with K.R.M.C., along with (2) Kirkland Clinic’s. The role of the main branch is to oversee the smaller facilities. Kirkland Regional Medical Center is located right here in Michigan, three facilities is located in Houston Texas., Dallas, Austin Texas. All the facilities have the responsibility of ensuring quality care towards our clients. The main facilities are composed of is composed of one hundred and fifty full-time employees and one hundred part-time employees as well as fifty contingent workers. The hospital has struggled severely with business due to the poor economy.

The department heads has made a choice to try and improve the business by getting together and figure out the necessary changes that should to be made to improve the business. Here lately the problem has been about being efficiency because of the systems that were in place. I feel that the facility did not take full advantage of many of the new opportunities. To start off right I will discuss and focus on the current technology in place, and start to discuss Kirkland Regional Medical Center needs. We are working with several locations throughout Michigan and Texas we need to have a strong system. One of the most important tools we can have is communication, touch basics at the other facilities. The top executives will be making recommendations and examining the pros and con for the facilities.

One of the recommendations are computers are a must to function quick and fast because of the business. Most of the facilities are constantly receiving patients without insurance, and many insurance changes doing paperwork the facilities are ran by humans and mistakes are going to be a key factor in human errors. It is hard to keep all the paper work organized. The way to resolving many of these paper overflowing paper issues we are making recommendations to buy some computer and computer software to better manage the paperwork. We will train employees on excel, access and PowerPoint presentations. So currently we have four computers to start off with, eight wireless printers. While all the computers are currently operating on Window seven. There are pros and cons to each network solution, but recommendations were made based on cost-effectiveness.

We are going to put a team of dedicated people together who are very independent members with who have the respect and dedication to inform all the resources to achieve the same common goal. In many organizations co-workers are paired into teams that must work together to complete the task at hand. This day in time we have all devise backgrounds with many different values and attitudes. When you have this many different attitudes and cultures working together in a group you have to know that it will be some types of conflicts expected. What I would do as a manager is to expect the unexpected. I would ask myself how to avoid conflicts among the teams. Conflicts can be good or bad when it comes to group organizations. Losh, S. (2011). When your group or teams are working out and functionally then your team Is working out well and are performing effectively, when you have a group that is experiencing all kinds of problems and can’t quite finish the project or foresee a completion date than it’s truly a problem within that group. Your conflict will erupt and problems will set in.

According to Losh, S. (2011) within our text it states that Conflict occurs both within and between groups. Internal competition can have a negative effect on the productivity or future viability of the group. Conflict between groups is more likely when resources are scarce, groups have a past history of hostilities, status differences exist between groups, the in group has a great deal of solidarity, diversity in personal styles and expectations are experienced, and people with personal attributes that aggravate conflict are present. Researchers have found that strategies like simply having contact between groups are not very helpful to reducing conflict.

In the 21st century managers don’t take the responsibilities that they should. What have changed is the technologies within the business world like what I stated before the use of computers have advanced the business world into a whole new time. What I expect from my managers is to train their under classman and bring them up to speed. I would like them to manage and utilize all technology, establish core values and show some responsibility, be there to help and support in any way necessary and to find the problem and figure out with the employee that’s having the problem a way to help them solve the concerns. As a manager the skills that is important to help solve problems is to be able to get along with other people within their group. You can’t just hand out orders and expect for things to go smoothly from that point on. Your crew needs some gaudiness and directions like dealing with conflicts, be a team player and a must to work with people from all different types of backgrounds. Making all the employees feel inspired which can cause a close working relationship and cam make it a fun place to work as long as the conflicts are keep to a bare minimum.

Communication problems among group members as a manager I would ask how they feel about their job, coworkers and the company that they are working for. Than you have to worry about the groups of different cultures as the world changes and grows employees are connected with people in other countries. All communication may be described as interpersonal when it involves two or more people. These principles underlie the workings in real life of interpersonal communication. They are basic to communication we can’t ignore according to you have said or stated something you can’t take it back. What was said will remain. Even in a court of law where a judge will state jury please disregard that last statement you can’t forgot it was said because it’s there on your mind. So you have to be very careful how you say or state anything. Once the words have crossed the over into a verbal sentence you can’t take it back.

As stated by there is cultural etiquettes that regulate the appropriate expression for the language. And from real life observations of people who get in trouble for not following the appropriate etiquettes indicates to me that how something is said may weigh more importance than what is actually said. Just hypothetically speaking communication styles varies from one culture to the next. Let’s say a person who grew up in Japan I love you they would use nonverbal clues to where someone who grew up in America would consider them cold or not interested. When using communication skills with managers it’s best to ask what the best way to contact them in because you need them right away. Would you use e-mail or text messages some managers even prefer to use phone call only. When contacting the managers focus on things that are important to yourself and the manager, be honest because who wants to listen to a bunch of excuses before getting to the point.

A manager what you to be clear and direct have your message prepared before you contact your manager no one want to listen to a bunch of rambling before you state what your concerns are, as a manager we spend the majority of the day communication with the staff. Communication is so important to what goes in a working environment. As we all know by experience that managers don’t communicate well with other. Poor communicate can damper a conversation because of misunderstanding. Sometime between the manager and the employee poor communication skills are present but sometime you don’t know unless you take a step back and listen carefully to your conversation. When dealing with work or any conversation communication should be first on the list of things to improve because you want the staff to know that it is important because if you don’t address it neither will your staff. You have to ask yourself when you are speaking is it clear, who I’m communicating. If tour communications skills are not clear than how do you handle a disagreement?

When you are taking disciplinary actions procedures are critical for the managers and employee. When you have to address disciplinary actions workers, sometime managers think of them as receiving negative feedback. Communication is the transfer of information and ideas during interactions between people. The most commonly used, although it may not be as noticeable, is nonverbal communication. While nonverbal communication may be comparatively easier to use between nations, some visual communication remains to be understood amongst the diverse populations around the globe.

The latter is defined by anything consisting of eye contact, facial expressions, patterns of touch, gestures, spatial arrangements, tones of voice, expressive movement, and other cultural differences. You have to watch how you talk to people like with American when you are speaking to them and pointing you finger at them they know that you are upset where other cultures think that it’s rude to point. According to if you want to point at an object, extend the index finger and use it to point at the object. It is not polite to point at people.

There are several tasks that should be considered when you are speaking of structures. First when we are speaking of a team of employees here at Kirkland Regional Medical Center we are going to establish our goals than work on our mission statement, second will address the skills and knowledge that each team member should have. Once we pass this point of the knowledge than we here at KRMC will combine all the dynamics of skills, knowledge to ensure that we succeed and for fill our mission.

Once we have upheld our mission than the next step is to meet and greet. The teams at this stage becomes acquainted with each other, learning one another that has been selected to complete the project because with this stage you can pinpoint the teams weakness and we can address potential downfalls early in the game. This is done so that all team members can clearly understand the objects and goals, everyone need to be on the same page as far as completing the projects in a timely manner and be aware of the repercussion that follows if the project is not complete on time. This is why communication is so important because it will help identify the areas that are weaker.

As the team continues on with their projects or tasks at hand many different conflicts are laid out in front of them it’s up to the team to understand the components of conflicts. The way to identify conflict first hand is to know the source of conflict is unacceptable. What I mean by unacceptable is when a member of the team states that they were not told about the deadlines or goals, team members who flat out refuse to accept another member ideas or thoughts should be addressed quickly, another conflict you want to nip right in the bud is the members who carries attitudes and disregards the authority of their superior, one of the most troubling and most concerning conflicts to me here at Kirkland Regional Medical Center is one who is constant absent or tardy. The team loses and productivity by accepting or allowing these behaviors to interfere with team performance. According to Losh, S. Diversity adds tremendous value in terms of achieving a company’s goals. But bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives together in a cohesive, focused way also can create challenges for those in leadership positions.

One way of weeding out conflict is by trying to choosing the right group of employee you will find this to be very important because if look at the structure surrounding KRMC you will see a group of successful employees with a vision of completing the project at hand in a timely manner, You see to keep your business successful and conflict free there are things you need to address in the beginning stages of employment first of all I would do a complete background check, check references and follow through with employee related references to find out how they work and how was the attendance and most of all find out how they work within a group and on project alone. Did they potential employee complete his tasks in a timely manner or was there any conflicts while completing the task. If this comes back ok than I would make sure that one of my best employees train the new hire, make sure that they go through general training to ensure that the employee can’t say that they don’t know about such –N- such and make sure that the employee feel comfortable on their own before you turn them a loose.

My way of improving Kirkland Regional Medical Center I would like to improve our medical records department. We will start this project on November 1, 2012 with the assistant of the whole hospital. We are place at least five different types of upgrade such as instilling new computers on every floor hiring more medical records employees, instill mega phone lines, hire a switchboard operator to direct call to the proper place and hire a computer geek so that we all call have the proper training. We will be discussing the changes at the next monthly meeting.

With the new computers we can access our medical records ten times faster. With the computers it will allow the physician access through the facility I can see the internal business boosting because it will allow the company to improve the strategic performance and results. Once we establish our hospital to run on Wi-Fi and computer networking system. As stated by Brewer and Miller (1988). The first is a change in attitudes towards the social category as a whole, making the view of an out-group less negative or preferably more positive. With this it is stating that we as a group can gain straight from each other by enforcing a positive change upon the facility between the department heads and the employee as we endure change.

With the new system in place we can use the (MRS) to organize all the medical records weather they are private pay or insurance billed or government billed with this system we can modify many aspect concerning the patients’ health. An example would be a patient comes in a want their medical records we cut the time in half by printing out the records instead of hand writing or typing the information in and asking the patient to come back in thirty minutes

While this transition is in place we as a whole facility will have to monitor closely to ensure that patients medical records to make sure the records are keep in a secure place, make sure that the Hippa Laws are protected. Whenever you implement a change it comes with its pros and cons. Let’s look and analyze. Computers: Apple desktops

The number of staff members: at least fifty Investment amount ($ 10,000)

In conclusion as a manager they need to have the ability to come up with a plan to ensure that everything is going according to plan. As a manager we are expected to expect the unexpected with conflicts. After a sentence has been made and the statement has crossed over into verbal land that the words that has been spoken can never be taken back. What you say is what you have to live with or be known by for the rest of your time at that place of employment. Trust is very important form of communication within the business industry. When communicating you always starts at the top everyone has a say in communication even if you feel you are not capable of placing your input because you feel as you are less than capable of stating quality input you are wrong because everyone input is important when it comes to improving the facility. According to a Conflict = perceived incompatibility of actions or goals. This is why we are going to stay on track and complete the goals in a timely manner. A small conflict can damper the whole project so we must stay focused


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